The Power in Vulnerability
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We want to learn who our listeners are! Please take a moment and fill out this quick survey: Hello and welcome to the JOY Factor Podcast episode number #24. My guest is Shane Birkel. Shane is a marriage and family therapist with a private practice just outside of Boston.He works primarily with couples and is a certified Relational Life Therapist with Terry Real as his mentor. Couples Therapist Couch   Shane hosts a weekly podcast called the Couples Therapist Couch  the practice of Couples Therapy. Practice website: Podcast website: Many of the couples I see are seeking deeper intimacy and improved communication. Nothing can steal joy like an unfulfilling relationship but in order to feel satisfied and connected with our partner, we have to be connected to ourselves and have a sense of wholeness. Society’s definition of manhood forces men to make unconscious choices that often leave them disconnected from their capacity to be whole.  The good news is that things can get better when men are given the opportunity to consciously learn the skills needed to engage and learn what true intimacy is. There are many ways to start but today we’re talking about strategies for helping men build healthier self-esteem and stronger relationships. Topics Discussed: 1. What is toxic masculinity and why does it matter? 2. What is healthy masculinity? 3. Why is healthy self-esteem so important? 4. The power of the feedback wheel. 5. The power in vulnerability and connection. Shane's motto for life: "There’s never any excuse for harshness." Resources Mentioned: Gillette Razor Commercial Terry Real   
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