Finding Freedom with Brainspotting
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Today’s Show Welcome to episode 30 of the JOY Factor Podcast. Today’s Guest is Bethany Perry, CAN, AAEC, IAHC, E-RYT Bethany is an emerging thought leader on combining the power of neuroscience and intuition. She transforms the lives of women and men who are challenged with emotional and physical traumas.  Dedicating over 30 years of her life’s work to helping people heal and grow by creating a non-judgmental space where each individual can discover freedom from the past to live the life they desire.  What We’ll Learn Brainspotting can help everyone find more freedom. Freedom means less space for  judgment and more for love Where we look affects how we feel. When we’re looking for something we tend to find it so why not make it joy? Focused reflection and practice leads to transformation and joy. Resources Mentioned Visit for two Guided Meditations on moving from fear to love.  Reach out to Bethany: Amen Clinic Your Joy Factor It is a true honor to bring this podcast to you and I am so grateful that you took the time to listen. Did you learn anything that can help you with your own joy factor? If so, pass it on to your friends and family and give us a positive review at  The JOY Factor Podcast. Do you have a second to complete this brief listener survey? It helps our show track who is listening so we can create topics of interest to you!  
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