Every once in a while, I encounter a couple who I find utterly fascinating, and C and L are one of those couples. Theirs is a story of long-term love and discovery. What started out as a high school romance has evolved into a long term committed marriage, raising of children and making their cuckold/FLR dynamic a fixture in their lives. I’m happy that they were willing to come on the show and let me be nosey. Enjoy.
Published 05/27/22
Published 05/27/22
I am happy to bring you another installment of my China Shop series. In this installment I am joined by Ron, a longtime friend from Boston. I ran into Ron at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and we decided to jump on and talk all about his journey into the lifestyle. A journey that I learned had a very interesting start. Ron is a cool guy who is big on manners and pleasing whichever lady he is with. There’s nothing like shining light on the guys who I feel truly exemplify what being a Bull is all...
Published 05/14/22
For anyone who is either thinking about getting involved with OnlyFans or currently doing so, this is a must listen. I connected with my good friend Lupe (husband of the sexy and incredible Micha from Ep. 48) at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and he came on and dropped so much knowledge about what it takes to have a successful OnlyFans. Lupe and Micha on Twitter - @LupeMicha
Published 04/30/22
It is common knowledge that women involved in the lifestyle often have their own insecurities to overcome. What is talked about less often are the insecurities that the male partners often face once a couple enters this lifestyle. This is a very thought provoking episode that I encourage couples to listen to together if possible. My hope is that this will spark some healthy dialog between husbands and wives.
Published 04/16/22
I had such a good time talking to Taylor and Chris who are a Stag/Vixen couple. Theirs is a story of high school sweethearts who got started in this lifestyle in a most unusual way. I wanted to have them on because their dynamic illustrates something that I’ve been saying for sometime, it’s best not to try to identify hotwife vs cuckold couples based on the acts they enjoy. As you listen you will have a better idea of what I am talking about.
Published 04/02/22
In the short time I have known Mr. Mocha, he has become a dear and trusted friend. He and I talk often and we will have some seriously deep conversations on the lifestyle. We often said to each other, “you know, we really should record these conversations”. We decided to take it a step further and make it a live event which we host on Twitter spaces. This is how Bull Shit was born. Just 2 Bulls in the lifestyle talking about the shit that Bulls talk about. In our first attempt we discuss who...
Published 03/18/22
I couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate my 100th episode than by having a conversation with my longtime friend and fellow Bull, Boneslinger2003. He and I go way back, and I’ve always enjoyed the conversations we’ve had about the lifestyle. I was long overdue in bringing him into the China Shop and now he is here. Listen and learn as he details his journey into the lifestyle and shares his hard-earned wisdom with guys who are looking to separate themselves from the herd by reaching...
Published 03/04/22
Let’s be honest, we’ve all dealt with some form of insecurity in our lives and it’s not something that many of us are willing to talk about. In this episode I am joined by a wonderful couple who were willing to take that walk and share their deepest feelings on how their insecurities impacted their journey and how they each learned to love themselves. The beauty of their journey is hearing the confidence that they now both possess which you will clearly hear the moment you hear their energy....
Published 02/19/22
A cuckold relationship usually comprises 3 different dynamics, 2 of which are discussed a lot, the wife and her husband and the wife and her Bull. The 3rd one, the dynamic between the cuckold and his wife’s Bull, is seldom discussed. Well in this episode Michael C. sits down and talks with 4 cuckold husbands and goes into detail about what this dynamic means to them and why it is so important. This is a truly thought-provoking episode and one that will hopefully get people to pay more...
Published 02/05/22
This is an episode that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. I’m happy to finally be able to bring you my conversation with a black couple who are enjoying the stag/vixen lifestyle. Listen as they detail their unique journey into the lifestyle and how it has enriched their marriage.
Published 01/21/22
The dynamic between husbands and their wife’s Bull is a very interesting one. I wanted to give my listeners a behind the curtain look at what this dynamic is all about and how Bulls view husbands. My hope is that this episode sparks more conversations between husbands, wives and Bulls.
Published 12/04/21
In this installment of the China Shop, Michael C welcomes his friend and fellow Bull, Ashley Del Toro. Ashley is a successful Bull from the Windy City and he shares his journey which began when he first discovered his father’s collection of Penthouse Forums many years ago. Ashley is a Bull with a grounded and captivating approach to the lifestyle. He is the quintessential Bull and one who is very much sought after. Once you listen to this episode you will see exactly why.
Published 11/20/21
What happens when a man has been a Bull in the lifestyle for many years and begins dating a woman who is curious about the lifestyle? What happens when that woman identifies with being a Bull herself? In this installment of The China Shop Michael C introduces you to Caleb and his lady Mya. This is a fascinating conversation which, in addition to telling the story of Caleb’s journey to becoming a Bull, also addresses a very interesting question….Can a woman be a Bull?
Published 11/06/21
There is a situation that occurs with some couples in the lifestyle in which the male partner will behave in an inconsistent manner. When he is horny, he acts as if he is all for the lifestyle, when he is not, he would rather not deal with it and will sometimes even become angry or frustrated. This behavior can leave some women feeling like a “Kink Dispenser” (thank you Mistress J for that term). In this episode Scarlet and Michael talk about Kink Dispensinsing and the damage that it can...
Published 10/23/21
In this episode Michael C welcomes Hotwife Jade to the podcast. She details her journey from dating and marrying her high school sweetheart to becoming a full fledged hotwife. Hers is a story of self discovery and highlights the benefits of this lifestyle beyond sexual gratification.
Published 10/09/21
Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of community within the wife sharing lifestyle but I realized that some of you don't know exactly how to go about connecting with other like minded couples. So I decided to be proactive and help people get together. This episode is a deep dive into what my Community Building Project is all about, why I'm doing it and how you can be involved. If you are not yet involved I hope you will sign up so that you can meet more people in our very...
Published 09/24/21
Michael C. Invites G and R, the cuckold couple behind the OurRedViolin twitter account, to share their incredible love story. The saga of G and R developing a relationship seems almost stranger than fiction. Beginning as lovers under the most intriguing circumstances, they came together after nearly two decades to form an incredibly strong, trusting bond. G and R share how they developed an open and honest relationship style that lead them to explore the cuckolding dynamic. This...
Published 09/17/21
S and J are a Hotwife couple brimming with happiness about their Hotwife relationship dynamic. Michael C. Invites S and J to share the unlikely origins of their relationship. Starting off as genuine friends, J offered consistent support and encouragement to S through difficult times. J and S blossomed from friends, to lovers, to married partners all while remaining open and honest with one another about their sexual fantasies. S and J share that hotwifing has increased their sexual...
Published 09/10/21
On this installment Michael C. welcomes Susanna to the podcast. Her journey is a bit different in that she is not married yet has found nothing but acceptance and encouragement as she explores the hotwife/BBC lifestyle. Listen as she details how much the lifestyle has changed her views and her own personal confidence. This is an episode that really drives home the importance of community.
Published 09/03/21
It’s often said that women in hotwifing and cuckolding dynamics attain a level of confidence never experienced before in their lives. Michael C. Invites T and L to share how cuckolding and D/s dynamics have elevated L’s confidence and helped her realize what her husband has always seen: her beauty and sexual power. T and L share how completely open communication and willingness to share fantasies developed into a desire to explore non-monogamy and kink. Listeners will be inspired by T and...
Published 08/27/21
“A cuckold male, by its classic definition of a man who is monogamous and a woman who isn’t, that seemed perfect for me.” The perspective of a woman who sought out and initiated a cuckolding dynamic in her relationship is not often heard. Michael C.’s guest Miss C did exactly that and has been enjoying a cuckolding dynamic with her husband ever since. Miss C shares how her experience as a cuckoldress has provided a new definition of freedom and has bonded her closely with her husband. ...
Published 08/20/21
A great deal of information surrounding creating and fostering a healthy cuckolding dynamic centers around the thoughts and behaviors of husbands. Michael C. invites Cuckoldress Scarlet to discuss the flip side of the coin: how does a cuckoldress take responsibility for feeding her cuckold’s spirit? Michael and Scarlet discuss the many methods of keeping cuckold husbands engaged and attentive. Scarlet shares how she alternates the tools in her cuckoldress tool box and candidly divulges...
Published 08/07/21
The presence of interracial eroticism has prompted a great deal of discussion within the hotwifing and cuckolding lifestyle. The conversation surrounding common lifestyle terminology such as big black cock (BBC) and queen of spades (QOS) has lead some to wonder about the appropriateness of their use within the lifestyle and how they originated. Michael C invites three experienced black men in the lifestyle with over 80 years of combined experience to engage in an honest and revealing...
Published 07/31/21
The presence of interracial eroticism has prompted a great deal of discussion within the hotwifing and cuckolding lifestyle. The conversation surrounding common lifestyle terminology such as big black cock (BBC) and queen of spades (QOS) has lead some to wonder about the appropriateness of their use within the lifestyle and how they originated. Michael C invites three experienced black men in the lifestyle with over 80 years of combined experience to engage in an honest and revealing...
Published 07/31/21