Rob and Cole are back to discuss the Clippers' meaningless loss to the Jazz on Friday night, talk about the play of the Clippers' youngsters, give early thoughts on Clippers-Mavs playoffs part 3, and look at the rest of the Western Conference playoff picture.
Published 04/13/24
Shap, Jamal (@JamCristopher) and Shane Young (@YoungNBA) talk about a couple of games against the Suns, finished with a spirited loss in LA by the Clips backups and a wild first half in Phoenix without Kawhi or James Harden. The guys hand out medals for the win in Phoenix and generally think of some trends with the Clippers and what is going on with the Suns. Luka awaits, once again.
Published 04/11/24
Rob does TLTJTP's first-ever solo pod on a momentous weekend that saw the Clippers tighten their hold on the 4 seed with a breezy win over the Jazz and a massive, stomach-clenching 26-point comeback victory over the Cavaliers. Rob dishes medals, discusses the updated standings, and looks ahead to the Clippers' final four games of the regular season.
Published 04/07/24
Shap and Justin (@laclippersfilm) return to talk about a clutch 102-100 win against Denver in a war of attrition down the stretch, without Kawhi Leonard or Jamal Murray. The guys hand out medals, talk about PJ in the lineup, George's two-way game, hiding James Harden on defense, the bench minutes, and what this mean wins for a Clipper team that's had too few gritty wins recently.
Published 04/05/24
Shap, Justin (@laclippersfilm), and Jamal (@JamCristopher) get together to talk about a miserable loss in Sacramento without Kawhi Leonard. The guys talk about what went wrong in the game, James Harden's recent decline, the lack of dynacism of late with the Clippers, and the choice between the Pelicans and the Mavericks.
Published 04/03/24
Lucas, Rob, and Shap recap a wire to wire W against a hot shooting Hornets team, 130-118 on the back of a season high 41 points from Paul George. The guys talk medals, finishing a brutal March, feeling on the end of the rotaiton, Powell Rangers, and more.
Published 04/01/24
The Clippers have won two games in a row after going into Orlando and beating the Magic 100-97. Rob is joined by Tomer Azarly of Clutchpoints to talk about the Clipper' gritty win, their potential playoff opponents, and rotation trends down the stretch of the season - as well as hand out medals to three worthy Clippers!
Published 03/30/24
Rob and Dan (@dan_olinger) recap what was a wild game in Philly, 108-107 that saw the Clippers running out of time again down in the 4th before gutting out a win behind the play of their stars. The guys talk about new rotations, big plays down the stretch, and what this W might win to a team that's looked lifeless recently.
Published 03/28/24
Shap and Cole (@colehoops) try to deconstruct another mess of a loss, a 133-116 blowout at the hands of the Indiana Pacers, at home. The Clippers are now in 5th place, and optimism is hard to be had with the healthy squad just not able to find its footing on either end, but the guys try to see what they might have left and why things have gone south so fast.
Published 03/26/24
Rob and Shap talk about a successful couple of games in Portland, capped off by a great 3 quarters that ended in a 125-117 W. The guys talk about the end of the current rotation, why the team looks better even against inferior competiton, Paul George's current run, Kobe Brown, and medals.
Published 03/23/24
Shap, Cole (@colehoops), and Jamal (@JamCristopher) get together to talk about a confident Clipper win in Portland, 116-103. The stars played up to their talent, the role players chipped in, but more importantly the Clippers looked locked in on both ends of the floor regardless of the competition. The guys hand out medals, talk about who stood out in the rotation and the effects it could have with the playoffs around the corner.
Published 03/21/24
Lucas Hann and Robert Flom discuss the Clippers' increasingly perilous seeding situation as they lost to the New Orleans Pelicans Friday night after a Thursday win against the Chicago Bulls.
Published 03/16/24
Shap and Justin (@laclippersfilm) break down a miserable game where the Clips experience the wrong end of a 40 point turnaround, 118-100 in a loss to the Wolves. Kawhi Leonard left with back spasms and his status for the upcoming road trip is up in the air, the stars behind him underperformed, and the role players followed suit. What can be made after what turned out to be a bad bad night?
Published 03/13/24
Lucas and Shap chat about a great effort by an undermanned Clipper team against the Bucks that ended in a 124-117 loss. The guys take a look at the end of the roster that found some minutes today, as well as the efforts from some of the rotation guys and James Harden. They also hand out medals for the Clippers comeback win over the Bulls the day before.
Published 03/10/24
Rob and Shap get together to talk about very different closes in Houston vs. Milwaukee. The guys talk about medals, Ty's penchant for small ball, the zone, how matchup dependent James Harden can be, and what the KAT injury means for the Western Conference.
Published 03/08/24
Lucas and Shap are joined by Joseph Raya-Ward for one of LAC's best wins of the year, 89-88 in Minnesota. Kawhi led the team and Norm gave huge scoring streaks, and defense was the name of most of the game tonight in this playoff-esque slugfest. Who got medals in the first game without Russell Westbrook this season? How are the rotations looking, now with Bones Hyland?
Published 03/04/24
Lucas and Shap chat after the Clipeprs blowout the Wizards 140-115 in a game that had mostly good process but featured a big injury to Russell Westbrook. The Big 3 all played well but Russell Westbrook was lost to a left hand fracture and figures to miss extended time. The guys talk about what that means for the rotation, Bones Hyland's opportunity, hand out medals, and more.
Published 03/02/24
Shap, Justin (@laclippersfilm), and Jamal (@JamCristopher) chat after one of the worst collapses in recent Clippers memory, losing 116-112 against the Lakers after being up 21 in the 4th quarter. LeBron got rolling and Kawhi could not respond after LAL came back against a bad bench lineup. Where to go from here after the Clippers recent poor play?
Published 02/29/24
Lucas Hann and Robert Flom attempt to diagnose the Clippers' continued struggles as the team fell at home to the Sacramento Kings.
Published 02/26/24
Rob, Lucas, and Jag discuss the Clippers' miserable 101-95 win over the Grizzlies as well as their rout at the hands of the Thunder the night before. The trio hand out medals for the win, debate the re-introduction of PJ Tucker to the rotation, and ask Paul George to just play better.
Published 02/24/24
Lucas and Shap get together after the Clippers pulled out a comeback victory, without Kawhi Leonard, in the Bay. The team looked dreadful in the first half but were able to respond after Coach Ty Lue got ejected, led by James Harden. The guys hand out medals, talk about Amir's rising play, strong performances in the 4th quarter, and LAC salvaging would was an uneasy day around the team.
Published 02/15/24
The Clippers played the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 1 seed Monday night, and the road team crushed their hosts in Los Angeles. Lucas Hann and Justin Wilson discuss.
Published 02/13/24
Lucas and Shap talk about a Clipper matinee win against a feisty Pistons team. The guys hand out medals then talk about the trade deadline, the move the Clippers made, the substantial moves around the West, and the team going forward.
Published 02/11/24
Shap and Cole (@colehoops) recap a bummer of a loss 117-106 from a road weary Clippers team that could not get any exceptional performances out of the roster. The guys talk about the loss, the tough matchup against the Pelicans, concern of a letdown, and what the team could use in front of the looming trade deadline.
Published 02/08/24