On this episode, we talk about who would give better BJ's, peeing our pants, fighting small dudes, Halloween Kills, the new Batman trailer & more! Enjoy!
Published 10/19/21
On this episode, Danny talks about his trip to Europe, Game of Thrones, how gross dudes are & Michael finds old raps he wrote in jail.
Published 10/12/21
On this episode, we talk about the mystery of Santa Claus, how old will your kids be when you tell them he isnt real, when to throw down versus a new "challenger", Michael's relationship with religion & more!
Published 10/05/21
On the episode, we look at the weirdest dating websites on the planet, Danny takes about his fan meet up, R.Kelly, a fan sends up a gift & more!
Published 09/28/21
On this episode, we discuss love making with household items, The Gabby Petito story & what foods we enjoy sucking off our fingers, enjoy!
Published 09/21/21
 On this episode, we open some pokemon cards, talk about fetishes, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, SEAL Team 6 & more! Enjoy 
Published 09/14/21
On this episode, we discuss "Certified Lover Boy", the new Spider Man trailer, AEW's last pay per view, street performers, old cartoons & dinner with Jay-Z. ENJOY!
Published 09/07/21
On this episode, we discuss Michael smoking angel dust, which countries are the horniest, weird friend sleepovers and fighting to the death! Enjoy!
Published 08/31/21
 On this episode, we dive deep into our insecurities, cheating, Drake vs. Kanye, Danny gets followed, the possibility of humans being aliens & more!
Published 08/24/21
On this episode, we make an absolute banger, we talk about how much we hate bad waiters, we talk about elephant breasts, Michael cuts his sack open...this episode is insane.
Published 08/17/21
On this episode, Danny drinks an entire gallon of water in less than 2 hours, we set up our best VERZUZ match ups, we talk DONDA, we also take. series of tests to see what our deal is LOL. Enjoy!
Published 08/10/21
 On this episode, things are a little different. Danny might have Covid & the biggest zit of all time. We talk our weird lumpy bodies, creepy teachers & more! Enjoy.
Published 08/03/21
 On this episode, Danny almost dies visiting a waterfall, Mike has an STD scare, we talk about the state of hip hop, Kanye's new album & more! 
Published 07/27/21
 On this episode, we start off with a banger of a song, Michael guesses celebrity heights, Bezos in space, oily ducks, we call patrons and ask them weird questions & much more!
Published 07/20/21
 On this episode, we talk about the crazy world of Jail Pen Pals, Michael's type of lady, people lying about their happiness on social media & more!!
Published 07/13/21
 On this episode, Michael is sick, so my father Danny Sr. fills in for him. We talk the bible, sex, lies & Rock n' Roll. We talk drugs in sports, his sports writing career & much more. Enjoy!
Published 07/06/21
On this episode, we talk about porn, obviously. Sexy ass man beards, Mike's fears and hate for family gatherings, anxiety and more! Enjoy!
Published 06/29/21
On this episode, we talk about the ASMR world of vigorous ear licking & answer the patrons questions! Enjoy!
Published 06/22/21
 On this episode, we talk about smelling our grundles, our bouts with depression and anxiety, Danny's bipolar, Bo Burnham's Inside, Sweet Tooth, dating someone with mental health issues & more! Enjoy!
Published 06/15/21
On this episode, we continue our hunt for Charizard, Danny up's the Patreon ante, we discuss Logan Paul vs. Mayweather, Pride Month & more. Enjoy!!!
Published 06/08/21
 On this episode we cover it all, 69, things actually get pretty deep but also extremely hilarious, we talk about historical heroes cheating on their wives, why they get passes, The stupid Knicks & Trae Young, cancel culture, rich people not giving their kids money, Mike's hate for Jesse Eisenberg, how stupid the show Pawn Stars is & much more!
Published 06/01/21
On this episode, we ask, would you date a homeless person? We talk about Adrian's Kickback, how dumb shuffling is, weird AIRBNBs & MUCH MORE!
Published 05/25/21
     On this episode, we open Pokemon cards as 30 year old men...yeah. We also do a massive Patreon fan Q&A! Enjoy!
Published 05/18/21
On this episode, Michael almost dies from eating the hottest Gummy Bear in the world, we rank our top Robin Williams and Jim Carrey Movies, Danny shows off his new gold teeth & our Dad makes an emergency guest appearance after Michael dies, enjoy!
Published 05/11/21
On this episode, our Dad calls in, we talk about Kombucha and how much it sucks, Danny gives Mike a gift & much more! Enjoy!!
Published 05/04/21