Agility Robotics is building its first bipedal robot factory in Oregon, GE is working on AI-powered ultrasounds to combat pediatric and maternal mortality rates, and Microsoft’s Panos Panay leaves company after nearly 20 years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 09/19/23
Benevolent hackers clear stalking spyware from 75,000 phones, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise service encrypts corporate conversations, and Dolby Atmos will use your TV to expand living room speaker setups. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 08/29/23
Google is no longer building its own augmented reality glasses, North America’s first hydrogen-powered train debuts in Canada, Microsoft is already offering a generative AI certification program.
Published 06/29/23
Published 06/29/23
TikTok is killing off its BeReal clone, The SAE is creating a standardized version of Tesla's EV charging plug, SoftBank gave $170m to a social app whose users mostly didn't exist.
Published 06/28/23
NASA is creating a ChatGPT-like AI assistant for astronauts, The verdict on Google’s Pixel Fold, Netflix is removing its 'basic' plan in Canada.
Published 06/27/23
NASA can now recycle 98 percent of astronaut pee on the ISS into drinkable water, YouTube is reportedly testing online games for mobile and desktop, Apple’s Vision Pro headset may not come with a top strap in the box.  
Published 06/26/23
Zuck v. Musk is apparently the cage fight everyone wants to see, Sony plans to keep making smartphones for at least a few more years, E3 2024 and 2025 aren't canceled (yet).
Published 06/23/23
Popular parts of Reddit welcomed adult content to protest the company’s API changes, A 'Super Mario RPG' remake is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 17th, Cellular satellite test successfully beams 4G data from space to a regular phone.    
Published 06/22/23
AI-generated music won’t win a Grammy anytime soon, Amazon Prime Day kicks off July 11th this year, Apple's expanded self-repair program covers the iPhone 14 and newer MacBooks.
Published 06/21/23
The FCC is preparing to take a 'fresh look' at internet data caps, Samsung brings its self-repair program to the UK, The verdict on Google’s Pixel Tablet.    
Published 06/20/23
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Published 06/07/23
Apple finally announces the 15-inch MacBook Air for $1,299, Apple reveals its $3,499 Vision Pro mixed reality headset, Reddit communities are 'going dark' to protest changes that would hurt third-party apps.    
Published 06/06/23
Amazon reportedly explores free cell phone service for Prime subscribers, Scientists claim first successful transmission of space-based solar power to Earth, Even the cheapest Tesla Model 3 now qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit.
Published 06/05/23
Meta announces its new mixed-reality headset, the Quest 3, Apple is reportedly testing high-end Macs powered by its new M2 chips, Motorola's folding Razr+ has a giant external display.
Published 06/02/23
What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2023, Riot threatens to cancel a 'League of Legends' esports season after a player revolt, Range Rover’s next luxury add-on is a car seat that vibrates to music.
Published 06/01/23
Industry leaders say AI presents 'risk of extinction' on par with nuclear war, Google's Pixel Watch 2 may address the wearable’s biggest problem, Amazon ditches Alexa’s celebrity voices.
Published 05/31/23
NASA's SLS rocket is $6 billion over budget already, NVIDIA's generative AI lets gamers converse with NPCs, Tesla will open its Supercharger network to other EVs in Canada.  
Published 05/30/23
Sony reveals a PS5 streaming handheld, ‘Project Q’, Twitter struggled with Ron DeSantis’ presidential bid announcement, iOS 17 will reportedly turn your locked iPhone into a smart display.  
Published 05/25/23
Amazon's latest Fire tablet is a $230 Android-powered 2-in-1, Dyson claims its next-gen robot vacuum with twice the suction of rivals, Netflix starts charging for account sharing in the US.  
Published 05/24/23
WhatsApp finally lets you fix typos in sent messages, TikTok is suing Montana over statewide ban, Lego’s latest set is a Pac-Man arcade machine with a crank.  
Published 05/23/23
Apple rejected 1,679,694 App Store submissions in 2022, Meta could launch a Twitter competitor as early as next month, Disney’s pricey, immersive Star Wars hotel is shutting down.
Published 05/22/23
 ChatGPT has an official iPhone app, Heinz Remix is the sauce dispenser of your dreams, 'Grand Theft Auto VI' could land as early as 2024.  
Published 05/19/23
‘The New York Times’ built a standalone app for audio journalism, Logitech teams up with iFixit for self-repair programs, 
Published 05/18/23
Samsung is reportedly sourcing OLED TV panels from rival LG, Apple's Assistive Access simplifies iOS 16 for people with cognitive disabilities, YouTube’s recommendations are leading kids to gun videos, report says.
Published 05/17/23