After a fine rookie season in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson sits down with Neil to go over his time coming through in college and how he's adapted to life in the big leagues. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 01/13/21
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Neil Reynolds Podcast team! To celebrate reaching the end of 2020, we've compiled some of our favourite clips from the series so far. Included in this episode are Bruce Arians, Kenny Moore, Scott Hanson from NFL Network, Scott Pioli, Thomas Dimitroff and Kenyan Drake. We have a bye next week, so the podcast will be back on 12 January with a brand new episode. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/30/20
It's Christmas, so we have a Game Picks special for our listeners! As we enter GW16 of the NFL season, Neil Reynolds comes face-to-face with his son and NFL Academy qurterback, George. They've made their picks... they've checked them twice... now  let's see who reigns supreme in the Reynolds household. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/24/20
In our final episode of 2020, Neil is joined by former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Rod Woodson as he recounts his NFL journey right through to helping instill the defensive DNA of the Baltimore Ravens. We have a "Best of 2020" epsiode next week, while The Neil Reynolds Podcast will return to normal broadcasting from 12 January 2021. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/22/20
Welcome to Game Picks, Matthew Sherry, former editor of Gridiron magazine! Can Matthew get the better of Neil as we head into GW15 of the NFL season? Neil's lost just twice this year, so he will have his work cut out. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/17/20
Johnny Hekker is the latest NFL star to join Neil for an up close and personal chat through his life and football. The LA Rams punter gives insight to growin up with four elder siblings... performing gymnastics routines before football came into his life!
Published 12/15/20
Neil is on a two-game unbeaten streak now having tied 11-4 11-4 with Richard Graves last week. It means the guests remain close with Neil for supremacy across the season. And to challenge our host this week is another big hitter as the NFL Network's Brian Baldinger returns to seek revenge after his loss in GW3. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/10/20
Neil is joined by the former Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Washington star, Troy Vincent. After a 15-year football career, Troy is now Executive Vice President of Football Operations at the NFL, working to improve opportunities for minority coaches. He takes Neil through his journey from a south New Jersey kid all the way to the NFL. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/08/20
Sky Sports' Richard Graves is back on Game Picks and hoping he can get the better of Neil after their close run-in during week 7. Back then, it was a last-ditch victory for the Detroit Lions over the Atlanta Falcons that proved decisive. So what will be the difference this time out? After the rescheduled Steelers-Ravens match-up, we can also confirm Neil defeated Charles Dagnall 13-3 12-4 in week 12 of the NFL.  Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 12/03/20
"We've got fish on!"... and a special treat in store for our listeners as we celebrate our 25th episode! The Neil Reynolds Podcast launched in April this year with an exclusive sit-down with Miami Dolphins quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Neil spent the day on the water with Ryan for that... so now we bring you the unheard footage of Ryan teaching Neil how to cast his line and not fall in, while giving some insight to his life away from the NFL. It's a real treat. Join us on Twitter and...
Published 12/01/20
It's two defeats in a row for Neil and this week we have another rematch on our hands! Charles Dagnall succumbed to Neil in GW5 and returns this week to try repeating what Darren and Asmir have done - claim bragging rights over their NFL friend! Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 11/26/20
From picking up jock straps to becoming a general manager with the Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff has seen it all in the NFL. After recently leaving the Falcons in the 2020 season, he sits down with Neil to talk about the road less travelled and his fascinating career in football. Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 11/24/20
As we enter GW11 of the NFL Game Picks has its first rematch of the season as Darren Fletcher returns to face Neil. Asmir Begovic inflicted the first defeat of the season on Neil last week, winning 9-5 12-2. So can Darren deliver another blow to our host? The pair tied for GW1, so bragging rights are on the line! Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 11/19/20
Neil suits up in his padding this week as he faces a member from the Seattle Seahawks' famed and feared Legion of Boom! Cliff Avril sits down to discuss his career from the tragedy of an 0-16 season to winning the Super Bowl before having his career cut short. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 11/17/20
Asmir Begovic has played for some of Europe's biggest soccer teams, including Chelsea and AC Milan. Indeed, he's faced some of the world's most feared opponents in the European game... but how do they compare to coming up against the STILL undefeated Neil Reynolds on Game Picks? Stream our latest episode to find out as the AFC Bournemouth and Bosnia-Herzegovina goalkeeper is the latest guest to go head-to-head with Neil to pick the NFL's winners and losers.  Will GW10 finally end Neil's...
Published 11/12/20
In season one of The Neil Reynolds Podcast, we're halfway to completing a clean sweep of featuring the Around the NFL cast. After Dan Hanzus' appearance earlier this year, Marc Sessler is the latest to sit down with Neil to discuss his career working in the NFL. Marc explains how he gave up the Cowboys to become a Browns fan and aside from causing him stress ever since, that decision meant he almost ended up in flames! He also reveals a little known secret about Gregg Rosenthal... Join us...
Published 11/10/20
After his 6-8 6-8 tie with Vernon Kay last week, Neil remains undefeated in Game Picks this season. But as we're enter GW9 of the NFL, he has a fight omn his hands with former Raiders and Cheifs quarterback, Matt McGloin. Can he keep that undefeated running going? Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 11/05/20
Greg Jennings is an honest guy... and he is no different in this week's episode of The Neil Reynolds Podcast, lifting the lid on the defining moments of his career. From hoping to avoid being drafted by the Green Bay Packers on account of his desire to train and play in the sun, Greg explains how he became a Cheesehead legend by winning the Super Bowl. He also relives the experience of playing with two of the NFL's finest quarterbacks in Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, giving insight to how...
Published 11/03/20
This week it’s Vernon Kay goes head-to-head with Neil in an attempt to break his winning streak on Game Picks. We’re in to GW8 of the 2020 NFL season and Neil remains undefeated, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/29/20
As Black History Month nears to a close, Neil speaks with Gerry Anderson from NFL UK. Gerry has been a pre-eminent voice in the growth of the NFL in the UK, from playing for the London Monarchs to helping the next generation of players pick up a football. His story is an inspiring one. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/27/20
As we head into GW7 of the 2020 NFL season, Neil remains undefeated on Game Picks! He's on a five-game winning streak and last week defeated Gregg Rosenthal to take another scalp to his friends over at Around the NFL. This week is all about civil war as Neil takes on his Sky Sports colleague Richard Graves. Will it be seventh heaven for Mr Reynolds? Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/22/20
Do you like anecdotes? Are you ready for some anecdotes from a lifetime spent reporting on NFL? Do you live for behind-the-scenes access?  If you anwered yes to all those questions, then put the kettle on or settle into your seat on the train or in your car or wherever you're listening, and listen to Sam Farmer's hilarious and AAA career in the NFL as a reporter. The LA Times journalist really has seen it all in the NFL... even being mistaken for a hall of fame quarterback during his...
Published 10/20/20
This week Neil goes head-to-head with more talent from the Around the NFL podcast. This time it's Gregg Rosenthal who will be trying to exact some revenge for his colleague Marc Sessler, who Neil downed earlier on this season. And on that note, in case you haven't heard, Mr Reynolds remains undefeated on Game Picks. Surely he can't extend that run into Game Week 6, can he? Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/15/20
As Scott Hanson says it himself, he entertains NFL fans from sea to shining sea every Sunday. And for this latesst episode, he's here to entertain Neil and our listeners. Scott has quite the football story. From his college career to becoming a broadcaster, his journey has been as muchn unexpected as it has been inspirational and life affirming. Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/13/20
It's gameweek 5 in the NFL and Neil Reynolds remains unbeaten on Game Picks! Our host is 3-0-1 for the season and on a three-week winning streak. But cricket commentator and NFL nut, Charles Dagnall, says he's feeling confident. And, if he wins, will be calling contacting Neil live on air during his Sky braodcast on Sunday to gloat. So let's get into these #GamePicks to see if Neil's in trouble... Join us on Twitter and Instagram @TheNRPodcast
Published 10/08/20