Live from NFT NYC 2022! - The Nifty Show #170
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Join Joel at NFT.NYC 2022, the world's largest NFT conference! In this episode, Joel interviews a number of people at the show, discussing what's happening in the NFT space. Episode #170 Features: Aggroed (Jesse Reich) of Jassy Jackson of Jona Wilmsman of Patricio Worthalder of See for privacy information.
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Today we are going to bring you the literary wonders of NFTs. As Travis and I have talked about for some time, there are so many different ways to bring utility in the NFT space. The web3 world is amazing, connecting experiences, people and communities to NFTs, metaverses, games; there’s so much...
Published 08/19/22
The saying is that comedy is not pretty, but it is going high tech. This is something Sir Lord Travis and I have talked about, as we looked at the future of NFTs entering into different entertainment sectors. The comedy sector is of particular interest to us because we are the crypto clowns. We...
Published 08/16/22