The guys are back with awesome guests, cool NFTs and a healthy dose of silliness.  It's Nifty Show #65! Nifty Show #65 Live with Yoshi Coin, Cyberpuppies & Ishiki Arata Yoshi Coin, Michael  yoshidrops.com  YoshiDrops is a collective of international rising stars and celebrity content collaborators delivering monthly music NFT drops while aiming to make the entire NFT industry carbon negative. Random Drops of Awesome. This unique subscription service gives users six tiers of random,...
Published 06/12/21
The Nifty Show #63 - Luck & Neat, Immersys, Crazy Eggs and More! Full Show Notes: ttps://nifty.show/63 Luck & Neat  cryptorewardsstudio.com/nft/  MOBO Award Winners DJ Luck & MC Neat have teamed up with the King of NFTs ‘WAX’ to give you this once in a lifetime NFT Drop. On the 10th June, 4PM the No.1 selling UK Dance act will release a limited supply of the critically acclaimed ‘A little Bit of Luck’ NFT Album. 3 lucky fans will have the chance to win exclusive perks and...
Published 06/04/21
Marilyn Monroe’s legacy will be immortalized via an NFT auction, GameStop is building an NFT platform on Ethereum, and just when you think you were done hearing about Tiger King, Joe Exotic has launched his own cryptocurrency. The Binance NFT marketplace is coming, one million Yoshi coin NFTs were airdropped into WAX wallets, and in the continuing saga of Charlie Bit Me, we’ve got news for a third week straight.  If the NFT world were viewed in terms of ages of man, we’d be somewhere in the...
Published 06/02/21
NeftyBlocks, Crypoquarium and Corporate World
Published 05/28/21
Instagram to Do NFTs? - Nifty News #60 for Tuesday, May 25th The NFT market is projected to double by October as trading volume surges. So are NFT collectibles actually securities? Akon is selling an NFT featuring DNA art. Andy Warhol is getting another 15 minutes of fame posthumously. And does Instagram have their eyes on NFTs? Would it be NFTstagram? The crypto markets may be up and down but the NFT world soldiers forth with more creators entering the space. Thanks for making us a Top...
Published 05/26/21
Charlie Bit My NFT
Published 05/18/21
One of the most popular anime brands is coming to the WAX blockchain! On today's Nifty Show we are joined by Lee Jenkins from WAX to discuss the upcoming Robotech launch.  Then Jason from WAX Whales joins us to share the Square Rooted project. Finally, we've got Micah Dewey from C.A.I.T. to discuss the first DeFi project built on WAX.  Lets get Nifty!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 05/13/21
Gary Vaynerchuk discusses NFT's
Published 05/10/21
Star Atlas, Bosak the Bro Bro and Damn Tasty Corn Chips
Published 05/08/21
My NFT is a Centerfold - Nifty News #53 for Wednesday, May 5th The makers of crypto punks are coming back to the NFT table for more. eBay is exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions. The Eiffel Tower NFT is up for bids. And Playboy enters the NFT ring with their first digital collectibles. Sega, Kurt Cobain and BabyMetal are in the news, and the Blockchain Heroes meets HODLGod sale was over in less than 30 seconds today. We’ll tell you more, so come along for a nifty ride on the...
Published 05/07/21
Travis and Joel have exciting news regarding Blockchain Heroes. And they are joined by YouTube sensation Ali Spagnola, the guys from AlpacaWorlds and Gary of Dusty Pixels.  It's Nifty awesomeness!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 05/01/21
When you think of all the things you could purchase in the form of an NFT, what would be your dream digital collectible? The Kobe Bryant NFT that Travis can’t get enough of? A low-mint Crypto Punk? How about Electric Genesis? Or perhaps you’d like to own Dave Portney’s soul. Well, if it’s the latter you are in luck because the Presidente of Barstool Sports is making that available.  And speaking of soul, Paris Hilton’s soul has been taken over by NFTs. Perhaps she’ll put that up for sale...
Published 04/27/21
Today your second-favorite hosts are joined by Colonize Mars, Gala Games and Mutant Rockers.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 04/23/21
The IRS thinks you might not be paying taxes on your NFTs and they are probing the dark web to investigate. An actual house is an NFT now. And the NFT game market is booming as startups raise millions of dollars. Jake Paul’s NFT sale didn’t go gangbusters. Major League Baseball cards have finally arrived as NFTs. And Blockchain Heroes make their first appearance on Ethereum. If you like digital collectibles, you’re in the right place for episode #49 of the mostly unlistenable Nifty...
Published 04/21/21
It's a fully loaded show as we welcome four guests from four remarkable projects! Segment #1 - Barnaby Andersun from BAND token joins us to discuss a revolutionary model for using NFTs to own a piece of music royalties. Segment #2 - Remember the film, The Sandlot? Grant Gelt and Victor Dimattio, two of the child actors are now adults and join us to discuss the new Boys of Summer NFT card series. Segment #3 - We love seeing great art on WAX, and the Exit Limbo series does not disappoint. ...
Published 04/17/21
Today we are joined by legendary film director and actor Kevin Smith to discuss his new NFT series and how you can win a cameo role in his new film. It's an epic conversation!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 04/16/21
Are NFT collectibles the future of trading cards or a big hype bubble that will soon burst? Over $8 billion is staked into Binance for Alien World’s Trillium token. The Sandlot is coming to the NFT world. And speaking of baseball, Topps has finally gone major league. We’ll be joined by William Quigley to discuss the most anticipated sportsball NFTs of the year. Conjugate the verb “Nifty”. I Nifty. You Nifty. He Nifties. She nifties. We nifty. You nifty. They nifty. Zir nifties. It’s the Nifty...
Published 04/14/21
Extremely HUGE Nifty Show today! We've got BitBoy Crypto, Quidd App, Bad Days and .gems for a packed episode - What? It all happens here on the Top #NFT show in the Universe! @WAX_io See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 04/10/21
It’s another big week in Niftyville and there just isn’t enough time to discuss it all. Two coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows. Topps is getting ready to go public. Atari releases a new wave of digital collectibles. And the overly attached girlfriend NFT sells for an overly ridiculous price.  Synchronize your watches for Nifty o’ clock for a nifty news episode #44 of The Nifty Show.    ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:    https://www.coingecko.com/en/nft   Upland...
Published 04/06/21
Today's Nifty Show #43 is PACKED with amazing #NFT goodness! The world's first NFT podcast will feature VulcanVerse, AlienWorlds and Grammy-nominated Shontelle!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 04/02/21
Nifty News #42 March 30th The NFT hype continues to spread as everyone wants to know how they can get a piece of the digital collectible world. NFT searches are at ICO-mania levels. Even Marc Cuban is finally on the NFT bandwagon. Video games, art, AI and much more are covered in our Nifty News episode #42 of The Nifty Show.   ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS What the Hell is an NFT? SNL Introduces Masses Billionaire Mark Cuban is building a digital art gallery for NFTs Nifty...
Published 03/30/21