There is good, there is the metaverse and there is Metagood. What happens when you take good stuff and you combine it with metaverse? Well you've got a web3 world of communities that desire to be a catalyst for positive change and action in the world. What happens when you throw a monkey on-chain inside the metaverse, that’s Metagood? Weird stuff afoot, ‘cause you’ve got to feed the monkey. To talk about all of this, we have Amanda Terry, CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Metagood. Full...
Published 08/24/22
Today we are going to bring you the literary wonders of NFTs. As Travis and I have talked about for some time, there are so many different ways to bring utility in the NFT space. The web3 world is amazing, connecting experiences, people and communities to NFTs, metaverses, games; there’s so much going on. It was about a year ago that I encountered a project called Jenkins the Valet and The Writers Room. The Writers Room is accessible by members with a pass, enabling collaboration with parent...
Published 08/19/22
The saying is that comedy is not pretty, but it is going high tech. This is something Sir Lord Travis and I have talked about, as we looked at the future of NFTs entering into different entertainment sectors. The comedy sector is of particular interest to us because we are the crypto clowns. We are now starting to see comedy enter into the NFTs and metaverse.  Below Bored Club is a comedy club beneath the Bored Ape Yacht Club with a metaverse component featuring alligators, whales, boats and...
Published 08/16/22
Once upon a time, in the early lands of the Internet, in the pre-web2 world, there was a file sharing service which you may remember the name of if you had been on the interwebs in the 2003-2010 era called LimeWire. Well, Limewire came up against all kinds of legal troubles because of their file sharing, and ended up having to shut down. They are back in the web3 world with an open music and entertainment marketplace.  We are internet OG’s and old enough to remember file sharing.  The brand...
Published 08/12/22
Co-hosts Joel and Zach Comm bring us the future of blockchain gaming, from their perspective. Zach has played - and paid for licenses to - thousands of games and delves into his experience relating to the pain points of blockchain gaming faced by gaming enthusiasts.  Full Show Notes: nifty.show/174 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Podcasts: http://nifty.show/itunes Spotify: http://nifty.show/spotify Stitcher: http://nifty.show/stitcher Google Play: http://nifty.show/play iHeart:...
Published 07/22/22
The Nifty Show #173: Cryptobots + Nifty News  Joel and Travis have recently come upon the Cryptobots, an OG series seeking new life with updated NFT technology and utility. Having worked with a number of projects over the years as advisors and creators, we want to give you a behind the scenes of what it looks like to take a classic collection to market. Let’s go!   Cryptobots is the very first play-to-earn game using NFTs, a marriage of two genres: a collectible RPG and a space grand...
Published 07/15/22
UPO7F was created to cultivate and grow the community of SEVENFRIDAY. The unity and tight knit nature of this group is reflected in the name: the united people of SEVENFRIDAY. With our unique NFTs as an all access ticket to the core of UPO7F, customers can unlock a number of experiences and gain admission to exclusive community events. Our goal at UPO7F is to create an environment where like minded individuals can shape the future together. Guests Dan Niederer and Marco Parrino share their...
Published 07/08/22
Travis and Joel are back from the world's largest NFT conference, NFT NYC 2022. This episode features a recap of the event and photos from backstage at Radio City Music Hall.  Full show notes: nifty.show/171  SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: iTunes: http://badco.in/itunesSpotify: http://badco.in/spotifyStitcher: http://badco.in/stitcherGoogle Play: http://badco.in/playSoundcloud: http://badco.in/soundcloudYouTube: http://badco.in/youtube FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @BadCrypto -...
Published 07/02/22
Join Joel at NFT.NYC 2022, the world's largest NFT conference! In this episode, Joel interviews a number of people at the show, discussing what's happening in the NFT space. Episode #170 Features: Aggroed (Jesse Reich) of http://Splinterlands.com Jassy Jackson of http://WAX.io Jona Wilmsman of http://AtomicHub.io http://Pinata.cloud Patricio Worthalder of http://POAP.xyz See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 06/28/22
Summer is coming with the solstice on June 21, yet we are in the depths of a crypto and NFT winter with the brunt of the bear market. The NFT markets are down, but adoption hasn't slowed at all; in fact, it has increased.  Sir Lords Joel and Travis offer an NFT market update of where we are now, and look ahead to where we're going. This environment feels reminiscent of the 1999-2000 technology bubble, where technology companies exploded in the market and only a few survived to be long-term,...
Published 06/18/22
A summary of VeeCon 2022 from co-host Travis Wright and an introduction to the Festival Family, an NFT project from FestivalPass featuring the world's first live event subscription marketplace.    The Festival Family Founder NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 total Founder NFTs that will be made available in tranches of 1,000.  Each new tranche will launch when the previous one is sold out.  Price will increase per tranche so it's important to get in early. Once minted out, there will be...
Published 06/14/22
Our friends at WAX Studios have released their first web3 play-to-earn game Blockchain Brawlers™,  the rowdiest #PlayToEarn game in the #metaverse. Join Joel and Zach “The Crusher” Comm with Michael Rubinelli, Chief Gaming Officer, to discuss the Blockchain Brawlers game. Collect your brawler NFTs, bring them into the ring, brawl and earn $BRWL, the game’s native token. All of the characters featured in the collection have their own backstory. WAX Studios has partnered with Richard...
Published 06/09/22
Not just a profile pic play, Praise Pals is a generative NFT set with diversity and love at its core. Co-founder Jesse Tevelow joins us to dig into the project and power behind the token of appreciation. Have fun, earn $PRAISE, save the world through charitable giving.  The Pals are a collection of 2,222 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain who represent inclusivity and joy.  We partner with celebrities, brands, and thought-leaders to create one-of-a-kind Web3 experiences. Most of...
Published 06/07/22
Education in the Digital World
Published 06/02/22
Origyn Foundation
Published 05/31/22
CryptoQuest NFT
Published 05/27/22
Munchies NFT
Published 05/24/22
Big Head Club
Published 05/20/22
World’s First Glow-In-The-Dark Comic with Nima Afshar, Three Fold Comics A CYBERPUNK WORLD IN THE VEIN OF AKIRA, MAD MAX, AND BLADE RUNNER, WITH MECH Full show notes: Nifty.Show/160 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Podcasts: http://nifty.show/itunes Spotify: http://nifty.show/spotify Stitcher: http://nifty.show/stitcher Google Play: http://nifty.show/play iHeart: https://nifty.show/iheart YouTube: http://badco.in/youtube FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @BadCrypto - @joelcomm -...
Published 05/17/22
NextWave DAO
Published 05/13/22
Farrah Fawcett NFT
Published 05/09/22
Bored Box
Published 05/06/22
Vulcan Verse
Published 05/04/22
Bulls & Apes - The Nifty Show #154 Generative NFT Collection with a Money-Back Guarantee Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a generative 3D NFT project that aims to transform the industry by setting a new standard for what NFT collectors should expect and demand.  Full show notes: Nifty.Show/154 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: iTunes: http://badco.in/itunes Spotify: http://badco.in/spotify Stitcher: http://badco.in/stitcher Google Play: http://badco.in/play Soundcloud:...
Published 04/26/22