The Nifty Show #42 - Nifty News for March 30, 2021
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Nifty News #42 March 30th The NFT hype continues to spread as everyone wants to know how they can get a piece of the digital collectible world. NFT searches are at ICO-mania levels. Even Marc Cuban is finally on the NFT bandwagon. Video games, art, AI and much more are covered in our Nifty News episode #42 of The Nifty Show.   ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS What the Hell is an NFT? SNL Introduces Masses Billionaire Mark Cuban is building a digital art gallery for NFTs Nifty News: NFT searches at ICO-mania levels, a robot and Snoop Dog drop NFTs, plus more ‘Castle’ production company’s new TV crypto comedy to drop an ep as an NFT Feature Film on Blockchain Fatal Contracts NFT boom: VCs pump millions into digital collectibles start-ups NBA Top Shot company Dapper Labs valued at $2.6 billion after funding Is Major League Baseball coming to WAX?    INNOVATION Smells like NFT spirit? Look Labs launches first digital fragrance Vitalik Buterin: NFTs can be a social good, not just a casino for rich celebrities   GAMING Assassin's Creed Publisher Is Making The Next Generation Of NFT Games NFTs Are Spurring a Digital Land Grab—in Videogame Worlds (Gala Games)   Brave and Gala Games Unveil Their Second Physical NFT Collectible (Gala Games)   The Sandbox Game Jam — “A Glitch in the Metaverse” (Animoca)   ART NFT digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia up for auction Aleph introduces DApp to 'back up' NFT art pieces Navigating the Crypto Art Market: What You Ought to Know launching NFT platform with exclusive content from artists Meet The “Meta-King” Whose Investment Fund Spent $69M On A Beeple NFT Beeple Immediately Converted His $53 Million NFT Earnings From ETH to USD    MUSIC Gorillaz celebrate 20th anniversary of debut album with reissue and NFT teasers   MAINSTREAM NFT ARTICLES The NFT Craze and the Future of Spotify and Streaming Music - Harvard Biz NFTs: What Are You Paying for When You Buy a GIF for $25,000? - NYTimes People's Expensive NFTs Keep Vanishing. This Is Why - Vice The Top Ten Most Influential In NFTs - ReadWrite   See for privacy information.
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