Buy Dave Portney’s Soul as an NFT - The Nifty Show #51
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When you think of all the things you could purchase in the form of an NFT, what would be your dream digital collectible? The Kobe Bryant NFT that Travis can’t get enough of? A low-mint Crypto Punk? How about Electric Genesis? Or perhaps you’d like to own Dave Portney’s soul. Well, if it’s the latter you are in luck because the Presidente of Barstool Sports is making that available.  And speaking of soul, Paris Hilton’s soul has been taken over by NFTs. Perhaps she’ll put that up for sale next. Binance is launching an NFT marketplace, the Golden State Warriors are getting in the game, and those with TDS can now buy Trump tweets as NFTs… for some bizarre reason only known to those afflicted with the syndrome.  We’ll share upcoming releases along with the latest from the digital collectible space on this Nifty News episode #51 of The Nifty Show. ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW: CURRENT EVENTS Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Is Selling His ‘Soul’ as an NFT NFTs and US taxes: What you should know NFTs: Trend is Cooling Off, Will it End Like ICOs in 2018? INNOVATION Binance To Launch NFT Marketplace in June Medicinal Marijuana GROW Celebrates Its Launch With NFT Giveaway IBM is turning patents into NFTs—says it's a future 'trillion-plus dollar market' The Future of VeChainThor: Enterprise NFT (eNFT) Ecosystem   GAMING Enjin’s New PoA Blockchain JumpNet Counts 50 NFT Projects Weeks After Launch   SPORTS Golden State Warriors Release NFT Collection NFL prospect Zach Davidson launches first ever rookie NFT   ART Paris Hilton: 'NFTs Have Taken Over My Entire Mind and Soul' - CoinDesk Emily Ratajkowski to Auction NFT   How many layers of copyright infringement are in Emily Ratajkowski’s new NFT?     MUSIC Hip Hop Titan Eminem Announced an NFT Collection Tom Macdonald bids $100,000 to win STAN'S REVENGE Eminem NFT Steve Aoki makes a bold prediction on digital art as he debuts new NFT A$AP Rocky Becomes The Latest Artist To Venture Into The NFT Game With His First-Ever Collection MAINSTREAM NFT ARTICLES Chadwick Boseman NFT artwork for Oscar nominees backfires after best-actor shocker   FUNNY WTF NFT’s ‘Disaster Girl’ makes over $430,000 selling the NFT of her meme Trump haters now can pay for his tweets as NFTs just out of spite   UPCOMING RELEASES Colonize Mars - April 28th - Weezer - April 28th -   ADVISORY Mirandus Monday: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees See for privacy information.
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