Berel Solomon, an Orthodox businessman, movie producer, and financial guru, shares the secrets of Jewish wealth to the world. Berel has racked up over ten million views and over 135,000 subscribers on his popular YouTube channel where he talks about the intersection of Judaism and business. Today, Nissim talks to Berel about building bridges between other communities and how Nissim deals with his fame.
Published 09/10/23
Shloime Zionce, a 29-year-old Hasidic Filmmaker, podcaster, and writer, has racked up over ten million views and over 50,000 subscribers on his popular YouTube channel where he travels the world, including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Dubai, & much more. He talks to Nissim about traveling, growing up Chassidish, and connecting with Azerbaijani Jews.
Published 09/03/23
Published 09/03/23
Aleeza Ben Shalom, AKA The Jewish Matchmaker, has become the talk of the Jewish world after her show “Jewish Matchmaking” premiered on Netflix to both popular & critical acclaim. In this world where most media portrays Orthodox Jews as out of touch and unrelatable, Aleeza has provided a warm & genuine portrayal of Orthodox Jews on the world’s biggest streaming platform. She talks to Nissim about making Aliyah during Covid and how to best support our children through the matchmaking...
Published 08/20/23
LaDerryl & Danielle Hart, AKA House of Lev, have become social media sensations. With over half a million views on YouTube, they’re going viral simply by giving an intimate look inside their marriage, family, & conversion to Orthodox Judaism. They talk to Nissim about struggles with Christianity, the conversion process, and finding G-d. Check out their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@houseoflev
Published 08/13/23