TNC Review: Healtier Chips
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For this week's TNC Review: Susie and Leanne road test different types of healthier chips available in your supermarket. So sit back, relax and enjoy and tune in on Sunday for our next episode of The Nutrition Couch. Don't Miss an Episode   Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode and follow us on social media @the_nutrition_couch_podcast to ask us questions & see our food product reviews.  It would mean the world to us if you could leave us a 5 star review in the purple Apple podcast app (scroll to the bottom of the app to find the ratings and reviews) as this really helps push up higher in the charts to expose our podcast to more ears.  Please follow Susie on her Instagram & Facebook and Leanne on her Instagram, TikTok and the Leanne Ward Nutrition Podcast. 
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