It's the Batman episode. The boys discuss all things Batman. Not so much Brandon. He forgor.
Published 07/14/22
Published 07/14/22
They're just some common mans, workin hard with their hands. The boys are employed. In this episode, at about 1:32 in the morning, they regale their listeners of tales of their employment as coherently as they can.
Published 06/26/22
Summer's here. The boys are employed. Brandon watched Fight Club for the first time. References abound.
Published 05/30/22
We're back. In this episode a long with our friend Taryn, we discuss movies, future plans, and have genuine discussions about some heavy topics.
Published 05/13/22
Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out recently. Mercury hates it. And he makes it very known this episode.
Published 02/27/22
Published 02/05/22
We're called Tink now.
Published 01/24/22
Mercury did an acting thing.
Published 12/22/21
Mercury has a lot of stories to tell. Also pan man.
Published 12/11/21
The boys are back. Mercury has a babysitting service. Hornhead is pretty based and red pilled. So was an old school project partner he had.
Published 11/22/21
The boys are back. And they can't remember shit they did from when they were gone. Except for the things they talked about on this one.
Published 10/04/21
The title has nothing to do with the episode. Mercury's just shit at uploading as usual
Published 08/25/21
Mercury discusses the tragic death of wrestling icon Owen Hart, and the Tom fuckery that went on leading up to the events. Also we ate with Erin
Published 08/25/21
Apparently the lads recorded in a god damn hurricane. They lay the gauntlet down against Distractable, and discuss playing the Batman Arkham series.
Published 08/10/21
Mercury introduces recording with Spotify Greenroom to the show
Published 07/10/21
The lads watched Invincible recently. They also have seem to forgotten how to speak
Published 06/04/21
The lads are approaching Summer vacation ever so rapidly. Maybe they'll return to a normal schedule then. Maybe.
Published 05/26/21
Chris Benoit was one of the greatest performers in wrestling, who tainted his legacy when he murdered his wife and son before hanging himself. But can he run Doom?
Published 05/05/21
The boys return to hq. Finally.
Published 05/05/21
The world is a strange place.
Published 04/02/21
Mercury watched First Blood, which turned out to be a book first. Time for a lil compare and contrast. Part two coming soon
Published 03/21/21
We recorded this awhile ago but as usual Mercury forgot to upload it. You're also getting 55 today, if Mercury remembers
Published 03/20/21
The boys have another Tarantino conversation. We sure like the feet man Tarantino
Published 03/04/21
There was a blizzard going on,Outsiders HQ wasn't available. So the boys made due with their circumstances.
Published 03/02/21