Shams Steals Our Thunder and Pat Bev Reveals Whitest Black NBA Players Ft. Shams Charania - Ep 76
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TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 - Start of the Show 00:00:39 - Intro 00:01:31 - Starting 5 presented by New Amsterdam Vodka 00:07:35 - Pat Throws Ball at...Mo Bamba? 00:09:59 - Khris Middleton Returns 00:13:20 - Pat and KD Pregame Chat 00:15:44 - Refs Calling a Different Game Post ASG 00:18:47 - Pat and Doc's Relationship 00:22:28 - Still Rooting for Old Teammates 00:27:50 - Shipping Up to Boston 00:31:43 - Kyrie Irving Game Winner 00:34:32 - Joe Mazzulla Playing Defense During Timeout 00:38:13 - We Have a Bone to Pick with Shams 00:47:42 - Kyrie Hooping During Ramadan 00:50:01 - Barstool Bracket Busters 00:56:26 - Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson 00:59:58 - Relationship Hypotheticals 01:05:39 - Rone's Accents 01:07:10 - The Real Ones Bracket 01:08:50 - MVP of the Week Presented by BodyArmor 01:10:45 - Barstool Cleanup ADS: -- New Amsterdam Vodka: Find your wins with New Amsterdam Vodka -- Aura Watch: Go to for $100 off an Aura watch today! -- DraftKings: Download the DraftKings Sportsbook app and use code RONE. New customers can bet FIVE BUCKS to get ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY Dollars instantly in BONUS BETS only at DraftKings Sportsbook with code RONE The Crown Is Yours. -- Find your next possibility on Where to next? -- BodyArmor: Available in stores nationwide but you can head on over to the BODYARMOR Store on Amazon & get yours today! You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit
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Published 05/15/24
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Published 05/08/24
Published 05/08/24