Show 1299: Is Evidence-Based Medicine an Illusion?
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Modern medicine looks back on many old treatments with a great deal of disdain. A classic example is the lobotomy. In the mid-twentieth century, lobotomy was employed to treat serious mental illness. One of the earliest developers of this procedure, Dr. Egas Moniz, received the Nobel Prize in 1949 for this approach to treating depression, […]
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Our interview this week is all about repurposing medications. Hundreds of rare diseases don’t have effective treatments. Even some common conditions lack approved therapies. The research to develop new medications to manage or cure them is costly and time-consuming. Is there a way to teach old...
Published 01/27/23
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it seemed there were only two outcomes from an infection. Either you died (as far too many people did) or you survived and moved on. Now, physicians, researchers and a growing number of patients are coming to grips with symptoms that persist months or possibly...
Published 01/19/23
Published 01/19/23