Due to its vast array of capabilities and applications, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact essence of what Kubernetes does. Today we are asking questions about orchestration and runtimes and trying to see if we can agree on whether Kubernetes primarily does one or the other, or even something else. Kubernetes may rather be described as a platform for instance! In order to answer these questions, we look at what constitutes an orchestrator, thinking about management, workflow, and...
Published 07/20/20
We are joined by Ellen Körbes for this episode, where we focus on Kubernetes and its tooling. Ellen has a position at Tilt where she works in developer relations. Before Tilt, she was doing closely related kinds of work at Garden, a similar company! Both companies are directly related to working with Kubernetes and Ellen is here to talk to us about why Kubernetes does not have to be the difficult thing that it is made out to be. According to her, this mostly comes down to tooling. Ellen...
Published 05/11/20
Running Kubernetes on conventional operating systems is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Today’s guests Andrew Rynhard and Timothy Gerla have engineered a product that attempts to provide a solution to this problem.
Published 03/09/20
Our guests help companies to update their systems and move into more up-to-date setups through the Swift methodology and our conversation focusses on this journey from legacy code to a more manageable solution. We lay the groundwork for the conversation, defining a few of the key terms and concerns that arise for typical clients and then Shaun and Chris share a bit about their approach to moving things forward.
Published 03/02/20
The question of diving into Kubernetes is something that faces us all in different ways. Whether you are already on the platform, are considering transitioning, or are thinking about what is best for your team moving forward, the possibilities and the learning-curve make it a somewhat difficult question to answer. In this episode, we discuss the topic and ultimately believe that an individual is the only one who can answer that question well. That being said, the capabilities of Kubernetes...
Published 02/24/20
If you work in Kubernetes, cloud native, or any other fast-moving ecosystem, you might have found that keeping up to date with new developments can be incredibly challenging. We think this as well, and so we decided to make today’s episode a tribute to that challenge, as well as a space for sharing the best resources and practices we can think of to help manage it.
Published 02/17/20
Do you know what cloud native apps are? Well, we don’t really either, but today we’re on a mission to find out! This episode is an exciting one, where we bring all of our different understandings of what cloud native apps are to the table. The topic is so interesting and diverse and can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.
Published 02/10/20
Our topic in today's great episode is how we think jobs in software engineering have changed since the advent of cloud native computing.
Published 01/27/20
Craig has loads of expertise and shareable experience in the cloud native space and we have a fascinating chat with him, asking about his work, Heptio and of course, Kubernetes! Craig shares some insider perspective on the space, the rise of Kubernetes and how the increase in Kubernetes' popularity can be managed.
Published 01/20/20
Today we discuss the necessity (or not) of formal education in working in the realm of distributed systems. There is a common belief that studying computer science is a must if you want to enter this field, but today we talk about the various ways in which individuals can teach themselves everything they need to know.
Published 01/13/20
CI and CD are two terms that usually get spoken about together but are actually two different things entirely if you think about them. We begin by getting into exactly what these differences are, highlighting the regulatory aspects of CD in contrast to the future-focussed nature of CI. We then move on to a deep exploration of their benefits in optimizing processes in cloud native space through automation and surveillance from development to production environments.
Published 01/06/20
Security is inherently dichotomous because it involves hardening an application to protect it from external threats, while at the same time ensuring agility and the ability to iterate as fast as possible. This in-built tension is the major focal point of today’s show,
Published 12/30/19
Today we try to dig into what the network actually means. We discover, through our discussion that the network is, in fact, a distributed system. This means that each component of the network has a degree of independence and the complexity of them makes it difficult to understand the true state of the network.
Published 12/27/19
The purpose of today’s show is coming to a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘stateful’ versus ‘stateless’ apps, and how they relate to the cloud native environment. We cover some definitions of ‘state’ initially and then move to consider how ideas of data persistence and co-ordination across apps complicate or elucidate understandings of ‘stateful’ and ‘stateless’. We then think about the challenging practice of running databases within Kubernetes clusters, which effectively results in...
Published 12/23/19
We discuss some of the different ways that people are backing things up to suit their individual needs, recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, what high availability can offer your system and more! The team offers a bunch of great safety tips to keep things from falling through the cracks and we get into keeping things simple avoiding too much mutation of infrastructure and why testing your backups can make all the difference.
Published 12/16/19
Kelsey begins by telling us what he has been doing and shares with us his passion for learning in public and why he has chosen to follow this path. From there, we then talk about the issue of how difficult many people still think Kubernetes is. We discover that while there is no doubting that it is complicated, at one point, Linux was the most complicated thing out there. Now, we install Linux servers without even batting an eyelid and we think we can reach the same place with Kubernetes in...
Published 12/09/19
We use this open table discussion to look at a bunch of exciting topics from Joe's past, present, and future. He shares some of the invaluable lessons he has learned and offers some great tips and concepts from his vast experience building platforms over the years. We also talk about personal things like stress management, avoiding burnout and what is keeping him up at night with excitement and confusion!
Published 11/22/19
This week on The Podlets Podcast, we talk about cloud-native infrastructure. We were interested in discussing this because we’ve spent some time talking about the different ways that people can use cloud-native tooling, but we wanted to get to the root of it, such as where code lives and runs and what it means to create cloud-native infrastructure. We also have a conversation about the future of administrative roles in the cloud-native space, and explain why there will always be a demand for...
Published 11/13/19
Today we speak to the topic of observability: what the term means, how it relates to the process of software development, and the importance of investing in a culture of observability. Each of us has a slightly different take on what exactly observability is, but roughly we agree that it is a set of tools that you can use to observe the interactions and behavior of distributed systems.
Published 11/13/19
In this episode of The Podlets Podcast, we are diving into contracts and some of the building blocks of the Cloud-Native application. The focus is on the importance of contracts and how API's help us and fit into the cloud native space.
Published 11/13/19
In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of container orchestration in Kubernetes. We have all heard about container orchestration, but to truly understand this concept, we have to first understand what containers are and why they started! From definitions of containers and how they fit into the bigger cloud landscape, down to the nitty-gritty’s of managing and scaling container orchestration; this episode gives you strong foundation to better understand the functions and impacts of...
Published 11/11/19
What is this show about? Our hosts try to articulate it. Note: our show changed name to The Podlets! Follow us: https://twitter.com/thepodlets Website: https://thepodlets.io Feeback: info@thepodlets.io https://github.com/vmware-tanzu/thepodlets/issues
Published 11/05/19
Welcome to the first episode of The Podlets Podcast! On the show today we’re kicking it off with some introductions to who we all are, how we got involved in VMware and a bit about our career histories up to this point. We share our vision for this podcast and explain the unique angle from which we will approach our conversations, a way that will hopefully illuminate some of the concepts we discuss in a much greater way.
Published 11/05/19