Toprak Sencer is a ceramist living in the Aegean region of Turkey, specializing in primitive ceramic methods. Toprak is recognized as a pottery artist by the Turkish Ministry of Culture. Toprak aims to popularize the primitive methods of pottery. http://ThePottersCast.com/1018
Published 04/11/24
Jessie Shaw is a New York based potter specializing in functional kitchen items. Jessie's forms tend to be simple with glaze adding the interest to the piece. Jessie learned pottery when She was in middle school. Jessie took a break when she went into college and now is back at it, full force. http://ThePottersCast.com/1017
Published 04/09/24
Published 04/09/24
Matthew Raw's work uses clay to explore community, language, and social history. With a particular focus on ceramic tiles, Matthew often involve social making, and attempts to strike a balance between the historical and future. Matthew has shown and installed work across the United Kingdom, in the United States, and throughout Europe. Matthew's practice exists between galleries, museums, the public realm, interior design, residencies, and education establishments. http://ThePottersCast.com/1016
Published 04/04/24
Russell Kingston's work is deeply rooted in the North Devon Slipware and country pottery traditions and I hope to make Contemporary Slipware that has a good anchor in tradition, Marrying old techniques with newer ones, the goal of Russel is to be moving forwards while always looking backwards. http://ThePottersCast.com/1015
Published 04/02/24
Jenna Collins is a potter making a difference. Having lived a life that included a long struggle with drugs, Jenna eventually turned her life around. Jenna eventually used her story and clay as a way of helping others get their lives out of the same struggle.  http://ThePottersCast.com/1014
Published 03/28/24
Peter Eastwood is an artist who studied Ceramics at NSCAD University from 1992 - 1997. Peter found his passion for ceramics under the tutelage of Walter Ostrom and Neil Forrest. After graduating, Peter worked in Continuing Education at NSCAD while starting his own Web and Graphic Design company, Eastwood Design. In 2007, Peter left his job at NSCAD and starting working for himself exclusively. By the summer 2016, Peter starting longing for a more creative outlet in his life and made the...
Published 03/26/24
Jack Orgill, originally from Salt Lace City, Utah,  is currently living in Logan, Utah.  Logan received his associates degree from Tacoma Community College. Jack is currently in his final semester of his BFA degree with an emphasis in ceramics. His passion is collecting clay from the wild and using it for his ceramics. http://ThePottersCast,com/1012
Published 03/21/24
Ruth Easterbrook, studio artist and instructor, creates pottery with complex glazed surfaces. After her BFA at Syracuse University (2007), Ruth gained experience as a production potter, studio assistant, intern, and resident artist. In 2019, Ruth earned an MFA from Alfred University. Currently, Ruth is an Artist in Residence at The Clay Studio Philadelphia. Ruth has received accolades, including NCECA Emerging Artist 2020 and Ceramics. Ruth's work graces private and museum collections across...
Published 03/19/24
Bill Schwenzer, a BS Mechanical Engineering graduate, transforms clay into art as a full-time potter. Bill's pieces, a fusion of technical expertise and creative intuition, tell stories of balance and beauty. With work in galleries and private collections, Bill's ceramics showcase a unique blend of engineering precision and artistic expression. http://ThePottersCast.com/1010
Published 03/14/24
Dustin Johnston was born and raised in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada where he graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a visual arts diploma and eventually moved into Emily Carr Institute where he completed his BFA and graduated with a major in Ceramics and Painting in 2007. From there Dustin's journey took him through many jobs and summers working as a tree planter.  Eventually Dustin's started his own construction company with a focus on tile installation and up until last year...
Published 03/12/24
Stephanie Takagi is a Japanese Canadian Potter in Lake Country, BC with her husband of 15 years and their two daughters. Stephanie's pottery is inspired by her Japanese heritage and the beautiful BC Landscape. Stephanie sculptural pieces are frequently inspired by the current political environment and global issues. http://ThePottersCast.com/1008
Published 03/07/24
Darren Emenau is a Canadian artist whose work is rooted in contemporary art. Over his twenty five year career, Darren has explored surface treatments, forms, abstraction and installation. Darren’s work has been recognized through awards, grants and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. http://ThePottersCast.com/1007
Published 03/05/24
Jessica Panicola holds a BFA in Studio Art, an MAT in Art Education, and an MFA in Design for Social Innovation. Jessica previously worked as an international Art Educator for grades K-12 in South Korea, Morocco, and Bolivia and she completed an artist residency in Turkey. What excites Jessica most about clay is where it intersects with Design and Innovation, and the new, exciting possibilities that emerge in this space. http://ThePottersCast.com/1006
Published 02/29/24
Ryan MacLean is a hobby potter based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ryan focuses primarily on functional ceramics, utilizing both wheel-thrown and hand building techniques, all the while experimenting with different shapes and glazes to help him learn. Ryan started pottery in a community studio in early 2022, and now has his own kiln and wheel at home which allows him to continue to explore the possibilities of this artform. http://ThePottersCast.com/1005
Published 02/27/24
Becky "Zee" Ziemer uses clay and found objects to make whimsical creatures, or “critters”, of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Becky's goal is to celebrate the deep love that she has for pop culture, storytelling, and humor. http://ThePottersCast.com/1004
Published 02/22/24
Brendon Norton is the hand builder of Bad Swan Ceramic pots. Working full-time from his humble home studio in the South West of Western Australia, mainly specialising in Bonsai Pots and Ikebana Vases. Brendon’s self taught journey into clay began only 4 years and has worked tirelessly to hone his skills in traditional techniques and his self derived methods. http://ThePottersCast.com/1003
Published 02/20/24
Nicole Curcio is a ceramic artist living in Portland, Oregon but moving to Portugal this year. She discovered ceramics in 1994, in a high school class, and it was love at first clay. Over the years her work has shifted from painted, abstract cityscapes, to a more sculptural and botanical style. She enjoys combining functional wheel thrown wares, with ornate sculptural adornments. Her love of plants and growing things has inspired her current body of work, although her obsession with plants...
Published 02/15/24
Yuliya Makliuk is a ceramic artist, activist, and author driven by a passion for addressing the pressing challenges of our time: environmental crises, social injustice, and war through her practice. Yuliya is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of ceramic tradition, actively exploring sustainable approaches and innovative techniques, working from her studio Here & Now Pottery in Irpin, Ukraine. http://ThePottersCast.com/1001
Published 02/13/24
1,000 episodes! When The Potters Cast first started I had no idea that we would ever get to this many episodes. But here we are... episode number 1,000. And there is nothing but thanks in my heart for all the love and support. In celebration we are doing two things... First my wife, Jennifer and I jumped on a couple of mics and Jennifer interviewed me. So I'll put a of pic of my work in the show notes. The second thing we did was that we asked people to record a message for The Potters Cast....
Published 02/01/24
Stephanie Thames is an emerging artist in Oakland, California. Stephanie is self-taught but has studied under ceramic artists like Susannah Israel. Stephanie’s work has been shown in group and a two person exhibits throughout the Bay Area. Stephanie's life is rooted daily in spirituality, and is connected through her art. http://ThePottersCast.com/999
Published 01/30/24
Marcia Selleri is a ceramic artist from Nazca, Peru. Marcia studied jewelry design and silversmith in Italy and traveled the world making jewels and accessories. Now in Orlando, Florida, Marcia creates unique pieces inspired by my Nazca roots and her personal experiences. Marcia loves to make animals, figures, and amulets with clay http://ThePottersCast.com/998
Published 01/25/24
The Clay Warehouse was founded in 2021 by Courtney Brewer and Scott Pierce, two strangers who shared a passion for pottery. We offer a safe and inclusive environment for aspiring artists and those interested in the craft of ceramics and pottery, from supporting those already working in the field by offering supplies, advice, and services such as kiln rentals to those who have never worked with clay by offering instructed workshops, open studio time and memberships. http://ThePottersCast.com/997
Published 01/23/24
Kevin Keane is a brand new arrival in the pottery game. Kevin touched clay for the first time a little over 12 months ago from the time of this episode, and has been on a whirlwind journey of making and learning since. Now based in County Clare, on the West Coast of Ireland, Kevin spent most of 2023 travelling by land from Ireland to Morocco, all the way to Norway, taking pottery classes and meeting Masters from different disciplines. Kevin is very much in the developmental phase of his...
Published 01/18/24
Sofie Neuendorf is an Australian ceramic artist who discovered wheel throwing as a teenager, and has been potting ever since. In 2017, Sofie opened a pottery studio 'Lunio by Sofie' in Northern New South Wales. Immersing herself in the local ceramics community, Sofie has spent the past five years participating in wood firings. http://ThePottersCast.com/995
Published 01/16/24