A Woodfire Conference | Trevor Youngberg | Episode 1021
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This is Trevor Youngberg's second episode on The Potters Cast. Trevor is a high school ceramics teacher and practicing wood-fire potter. Guided by a mindset that is focused on growth, discovery and creativity; Trevor finds that practicing wood-firing enriches every facet of his life. http://ThePottersCast.com/1021
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NCECA is always a blast and has so much to see and do that it is completely impossible to show up and do it all. With that in mind, I tended to miss the annual NCECA Cup Show just because I was so busy doing other things. This was to be different... Not only did I add a cup to the show, I also...
Published 05/21/24
Published 05/21/24
Born and raised in Alabama and Tennessee, Jody Lewis is a transplant to Canada. Having earned a bachelors in biology and  a master's in public health, Jody assumed that he didn't have a single creative bone in his body. But things started to change for Jody when a friend showed him all the work...
Published 05/16/24