Do I have ADHD or is technology ruining my attention?
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Hello lovely listeners!! Welcome to the first Psychology Sisters Episode of 2024. It has been a hot minute, but boyyyyyyyyyyy we are glad to be back in your ears. In this episode we discuss the following: Our pit and peaks - please feel welcome to skip ahead as it has been a while since we have caught up!! In summary, very exciting news, Kat welcomes her beautiful baby girl Delilah officially to the Poddy! Aimee and Kat have been working on their new project - The Thriving Therapist and their first course launches on the 19th of March!! The deep dive   - ADHD Vs phone/ internet addiction  - Distraction is a modern world. Are our attention spans getting shorter? Why? - Is our modern environment (phones, apps, quick hits of dopamine) creating an inattention epidemic? - What is the role of boredom in all of this? - How do we increase focus in a stimulus driven world? We hope you enjoy! Aimee and Kat  You can find more of us here: The Thriving Therapists: To connect with a safe and supportive community of like-minded therapists, head to our Thriving Therapists Facebook group: Or find us on our Instagram: 6 -week anxiety course: Our Online Psychology practice: The Psychology Sisters Instagram The Psych Collaborative instagram Please note: this episode is for informational purposes only and does not replace personalised psychological advice.
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