Am I having a mid mid-life crisis? Identity and lost self Ft Maddie
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Hello and welcome back to another episode featuring our marvellous Maddie!! We are noticing that a lot of people are struggling with an identity crisis earlier in life. This can look like: -This can be a painful struggle of internal conflicts and existential crisis  -It can feel like chronic unfulfillment even though you seemingly have everything -Things that used to give you joy no longer do -Urgent need for drastic big life changes  -Re-evaluating your life  -Feeling restless and anxious  -Boredom or discontent; desiring a stronger sense of purpose in life -Entering a period of transition and change -Anger, irritability -Impulsive decision-making -Resentment about childhood and parents   It is a crisis of meaning and a time when the societal rules and expectations misalign with our values and sense of fulfilment.  We hope you enjoy! A, K & M    ​​​​​​​​   You can find more of us here: The Thriving Therapists: To connect with a safe and supportive community of like-minded therapists, head to our Thriving Therapists Facebook group: Or find us on our Instagram: 6 -week anxiety course: Our Online Psychology practice: The Psychology Sisters Instagram The Psych Collaborative instagram Please note: this episode is for informational purposes only and does not replace personalised psychological advice.
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