Let's check-in: women's safety and the violence epidemic PLUS an old school listener Q + A
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Hello lovely listeners!! 🎙️ ✨💛TW - this episode discusses domestic violence, abuse themes and pregnancy - if this is triggering for you in anyway - please skip this episode.The long wait is hopefully worth it, as we have a jam packed episode for you! 💕Maddie, Aimee and Kat discuss the complexities, nuances and multiplicities of women’s safety and everything thats been happening for an important check-in. We also invite you to check-in with safe and trusted people in your life to have more con...
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Hellllllllllllooooooooo lovely listeners!!In this episode we answered a listener question that was sent in to our DMs!!"Why is taking accountability so hard? I'm chronically late, I have a hard time receiving feedback in my personal life, I aware of it I just don't know how to hold myself more...
Published 06/04/24
Published 05/21/24
Disclaimer and TW: this episode was recorded before the recent events in Bondi. If you have been impacted you may like to skip this episode due to themes discussed.  Welcome back to another episode psychology sisters and misters!  We get vulnerable in our pit and peaks this week! It is a little...
Published 04/17/24