Dating Do's, Dating Don'ts, and Oh No They Didn't
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Iyanla is asking callers to take another look at their relationship with dating and posing the question: How do we define dating? What are the conversations we should be having dating? Our first caller is a young woman who expects to meet a man who is making six figures, who is well traveled and mature, but is having a hard time finding someone living up to her standards. Iyanla then has on Zakiya Fatin the author of What's Real, What's Not, and Somewhere In-Between, and together they discuss the do's, don'ts and oh no they didn'ts mentioned in her book.  Do you want to be on the podcast? Follow Iyanla on social media for the latest call-in information! Instagram & X: @IyanlaVanzant Facebook: @DrIyanlaVanzant
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Published 07/17/24
In this episode, we dive deep into the complexities of the "good girl" and "bad girl" personas. What happens when a good girl goes bad? Can a bad girl be reformed into a good girl? How do good girls and bad girls show up in relationships? Iyanla is joined by special guests Damon "Bware" Vanzant...
Published 07/17/24
In this episode, Iyanla is asking callers to contemplate whether or not they let the good one get away...or maybe they are the one that got away. How did it happen? Was there self-sabotaging? Were you ready to receive? Our first guest knows she let the good one get away, and Iyanla helps her...
Published 07/10/24