The Cycle of Revenge (feat. Aleczandxr) - Attack on Weekly: AoT Final Season EP 13 Discussion
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"Wow, Eren kinda sucks :/" --Levi There's a lot of wine but not a lot of whining over this week's Attack on Titan episode. Everyone's flocking to the discussion!! Or whatever. I was just trying to be funny. Sorry.
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Let's celebrate! Let's party! It's another sub special WOOO! We're bringing back the (almost) yearly Q&A special in a different way, with each member being interviewed individually by another. We might actually talk about something this time! Such things may include but are not limited to:...
Published 09/11/21
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It's summer time, but is the living easy? Apparently not, since The Detective is Already Dead. Among other things we talk about. Does summer anime suck, or are there shows worth watching after all? In this episode, we review some of the first episodes of the seasonal anime of Summer 2021.
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