They say hindsight is 2020. And at the end of the year 2020, it sure feels hard to disagree. Cassidy Williams opens up about her grand visions for 2020, the challenges she encountered this year, and how the effect they had on her job and Make 100 Kickstarter project Go on the Go. She shares what skills and habits were important in navigating these surprises and how to share your reach with others.
Published 12/17/20
This year, COVID changed the way developers meet up and share ideas. TJ VanToll shares his experiences with these challenges moving the DevReach conference online. We talk about surprising trends, failure traps, and opportunities for you to find a unique voice in all of it.
Published 12/10/20
Tim Neutkens details the new tech in Next.js 10! At this year's NextJS conf, Vercel announced killer new performance features that came from their partnerships with Google and the React Core team. Tim shares shares what these improvements mean for users and developers alike.
Published 12/03/20
Tyler McGinnis takes it back to the first few years of React and the birth of the modern JavaScript ecosystem. He shares what he's doing at ui.dev to help new developers get a foothold in modern web development, and the curious link between Mormon missions and React education…
Published 11/26/20
Henry Zhu opens up about building Babel and the challenges in maintaining communities that maintain open source. He shares what he's learned from other open source projects and vibrant communities throughout history.
Published 11/19/20
Jenn Creighton talks with chantastic about component architecture, composition from a perspective of writing, mastering interpersonal communication, and feeling your feelings. She shows us how to save ourselves from the "apropcalypse" by leaning into age-old patterns of composition and organization.
Published 11/12/20
Tom Preston-Werner is building a full-stack framework for React and GraphQL developers. In this episode we talk about RedwoodJS, a framework that's bringing full-stack to Jamstack. Tom is a co-founder of GitHub, creator of Jekyll (the OG static site generator), TOML, and Semantic Versioning. If you've been hunting for a full-stack React and GraphQL solution, and envy the integration of frameworks like Rails and Laravel, listen up, because RedwoodJS might just be for for you.
Published 11/05/20
Marcy Sutton cares about the humans trying to use your site. In this episode Marcy illuminates the value of accessibility on the web, her favorite tools and services, and the necessity to "shift left" — ensuring that accessibility becomes a discussion at the planning phase instead of on "nice to have" at the development phase. Marcy shares killer strategies for doing work you believe in, even when your job makes it hard.
Published 10/29/20
Eli White shares the five core principles guiding React Native devolvement: native experience, at massive scale, fueling developer velocity, on every platform, with declarative ui. He shares some insights about how Facebook organizes around features and products — not platforms — and shares news about exciting React Native collaborations with Microsoft.
Published 10/22/20
Shawn Swyx Wang opens up about his new book The Coding Career Handbook: Guides, Principles, Strategies, and Tactics from Code Newbie to Senior Dev. His book shines a spotlight on career patterns and practices that many had to learn the hard way — you know, up hill in the snow both ways 🧓 chantastic asks about his favorite lessons in the book but there are so many more that they don't cover. If you have an appetite for more, get your copy of The Coding Career Handbook at learninpublic.org.
Published 10/15/20
Rick Casey shares what he's learned building, managing, funding an open source project over 8 million users. The app is Destiny Item Manager — a companion to Bungie's wildly popular looter-shooter Destiny. If you play Destiny, you've surely used this or scene it on stream. But even if you're not a gamer you'll learn a lot about what it takes to manage and succeed with open source at this scale.
Published 10/08/20
Kent C. Dodds spills the tea on his latest course, workshop, masterclass, creation Epic React. He shares what he's learned as a React educator and why *how* you learn is even more important than *what* you learn. When you finish this episode and think "wow, I wish there were 8 more hours of content just like this!", you're in luck. Kent and I recorded a new podcast series for Epic React. You can listen to all 9 episodes, for free, at epicreact.dev/podcast.
Published 10/01/20
Friend of the show Chris Biscardi and I talk about building community in a pandemic-ruled world. Chris shares all the great things happening on Party Corgi Network — a community of practice — and they touch on the topics of Discord, live streaming, community management, and why you need to be what you want to see in community…
Published 09/24/20
Sam Selikoff and chantastic dissect the challenges of transitioning from bundled, batteries-included frameworks (like Rails) to unbundled, choose your own adventures frameworks like React. They discuss the virtues of full stack frameworks, common pitfalls found when building your own framework, and the great tooling that's emerging to fill gaps in authentication, data storage, and developer-designer experience…
Published 09/17/20
Gant Laborde tells us how to present ourselves well, virtually. In the world of online conferences, streaming, and meetings at a distance, your screen presence is your only presence. Then we take a 180 degree turn to talk about talk about machine learning and leveraging it to find Nicholas Cage. We tried something new this week and streamed this chat on Youtube! If you want to take part in these conversations real-time, subscribe to our new channel — linked in the description…
Published 09/10/20
Vaidehi Joshi tells us about building BaseCS — a fun and approachable exploration of computer science. Vaidehi is a hero of mine and I'm delighted to share this conversation. We talk about making yourself to do the work , never selling yourself short, and handling negative feedback with grace…
Published 09/03/20
Sara Vieira tells us about her new book: The Opinionated Guide to React. She breaks down here experience build large apps, at scale, into easy to digest gold for React n00bs and seasoned pros alike. At the end of our chat she cracks open my mind with her unique approach to book publishing and how he builds purchase parity power into every copy of The Opinionated Guide to React sold.
Published 08/27/20
Nikolas Burke tells us about Prisma 2 — "modern database access for typescript and node" We talk about the history of database ORMs (object-relational mappers), the product journey of graph.cool to Prisma 2, and how Prisma is powering new full stack frameworks like Redwood and Blitz.js.
Published 08/20/20
Tom Coleman tells us what's new in Storybook 6. He elaborates on headline features of controls, composition, and args and how they'll take your component documentation and exploration to the next level! We Storybook's history, it's relationship to Chromatic visual testing tools, and the power of component-driven development.
Published 08/13/20
Today, Jani Eväkallio tells us about Foam, an open source project that's bringing the power of networked note-taking to your code editor. He and chantastic talk about the difference between associative and categorical (traditional) note-taking and how Foam transforming VSCode into an IDE for thoughts.
Published 08/06/20
Pariss Athena share the history of #blacktechtwitter — how she discovered a vibrant community of Black and Brown technologists and what she's doing to amplify their voices and experiences in tech. She tells how her platform, Black Tech Pipeline, is bridging the diversity, equity, and inclusion gap as new Black and Brown developers join a largely white and Asian dominated industry. To close she gives us tremendous insight how it feels to be the sole representation of a minority group at a...
Published 07/30/20
Eve Porcello and Alex Banks stop in to drop Learning React knowledge for noob, novice, and knowledgable React developers alike. We talk about how Learning React has changed over the years, the patterns and practices that have stood the test of time, and why streaming is still the next big.
Published 07/23/20
Chris shares a behind the scenes look at scotch.io, the challenges of monetizing a blog, the identity crisis that comes with selling your business, and what he's cooking up next with makereactapps.com.
Published 07/16/20
Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence join chantastic to share the business of Remix — how it'll provide continued support for React Router, and Reach UI, Open source licensing that makes money, and how COVID forced them to evolve their business from in-person training to services.
Published 07/09/20
Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence join chantastic to talk about Remix — a killer React framework from the creators of React Router. This is a two part conversation. This week, they dive into the technical challenges of building a React framework and why the ancient techniques found in Turbolinks and PJAX could be the key to high performance server-side rendered and generated React apps….
Published 07/02/20