466 - ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ – Hobbies, PB&J & Beard chat!
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What is our go to hobby? Do we use the same knife for both the peanut butter & the jam when making a sandwich? Would we rather star in a movie or TV franchise?
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Published 11/29/22
We’re celebrating our 500th podcast episode! To celebrate, we’re bringing you this exclusive ‘Ask Roz & Mocha segment with all callers!
Published 11/29/22
The Damnits put up their tree, and we have the audio, you don’t wanna miss it! Santa came to town, and we spoke to kids along the parade route. Lady Gaga is roasted for a fake boomerang. Another podcast slowed down segment! Plus, Katarina pooped herself in this weeks Helluva Story!
Published 11/28/22