498 - Life Size Teddy Bear, Julia Fox On Kanye & The Argos Win The Grey Cup!
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Would you buy a life sized teddy bear to cuddle with, Shem would. Julia Fox explains why she dated Kanye. We celebrate the Argos Grey Cup win with many fans. Things we’ve loved that are now discontinued. Roz is finally wearing socks. Plus, More on ‘Flick-A-Mania’.
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Published 01/30/23
We’ll celebrate ‘Global Belly Laugh Day’. #FartGate was actually trending after what sounded like a fart ended up on a NHL broadcast. Does anyone really know how to say ‘Worecestershire’? Maurie chats with Josh Duhamel for ‘Shotgun Wedding’. Paris Hilton is a mom! Plus, did Hulk Hogan run out of...
Published 01/30/23
Julia Fox gives an underwhelming tour of her NYC apartment. Nathan Fillion joins us to chat season 5 of ‘The Rookie’. Eddie Murphy tells a story about meeting Michael Jackson’s monkey. Jennifer Coolidge has joined TikTok. Mel B says a Spice Girls tour IS happening. IKEA is hosting Valentine’s Day...
Published 01/27/23