Chekhov's gun
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The first leader's debate between Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten had plenty of shadow boxing but no knock-out blows... but will it change any voters? John Ferguson weighs up what impact the Liberals preferencing Clive Palmer will have in Victoria and James Jeffrey dives into One Nation's latest scandal (which we all should have seen coming because just like Chekhov said - if you mention a strip club in act one, it has to kill someone in act three). Oh, and George Christensen has released a "music video"!
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A special episode of highlights from The Australian's Q&A panel in Sydney, called BEYOND THE VOTE, moderated by Editor-in-Chief Chris Dore and a panel featuring Canberra Bureau Chief Geoff Chambers, senior columnists Chris Kenny and Peter Van Onselen and Scrutineers host Alice Workman.
Published 06/06/19
Published 06/06/19
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled his new ministry and Anthony Albanese has been officially declared the 21st Labor leader. Paul Kelly drops by to offer his post-election analysis and what to expect from ScoMo v Albo in the 46th Parliament.
Published 05/30/19