Sam Abrahart on Being CEO of The Mayfair Group and What it Takes to Build a Successful Business
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This week, we had the pleasure of being joined by Sam Abrahart. Sam is the founder and CEO of The Mayfair Group, a full service digital agency that helps businesses with branding, social media, PR, sales and more. Sam tells us the story of how she started Mayfair and shares some of the knowledge that she has picked up throughout her years of entrepreneurship. She discusses how she ‘made it’ in a competitive industry despite starting off with limited experience and connections, how she’s used social media to grow her business and a huge online audience, and how Mayfair and her vision for the company has evolved over time. We admire Sam’s confidence and learned so much from this conversation - we hope that you will too! You can keep up with Sam and Mayfair @themayfairgroup on Instagram.   Produced by Dear Media
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