Github Copilot can write code for you. We put it to the test.
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We chat with Paul Ford and Cassidy Williams about the experience of using GitHub Copilot, an AI system that writes code for you. It was trained on millions of lines of code written by humans, but how close does it come to a living, breathing programmer? Well, if you're looking for regex, meet your new best friend.
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We chat with Tarn Adams, aka ToadyOne, the sole programmer on the text-based base building game Dwarf Fortress. He left a math post-doc to make his own games. From the bug that created a massive fractal sculpture to the diary that he writes in code comments, we get the run down of how he thinks...
Published 09/21/21
Former co-host Sara Chipps, now an engineering manager at LinkedIn, joins us to chat with Sarah Drasner, a director of engineering on the core developer web team at Google. We discuss the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor software engineer to an engineering manager....
Published 09/17/21
AWS CodeGuru can help developers find bugs in code; everything from best practices to concurrency issues, resource leaks, security problems. Run your bug bust through their competition and you could win tickets to ReInvent 2021.
Published 09/15/21