Episode No. 120 What Are You Being Led To?
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If you were to slow down for a little bit, what do you think you're being led to do in this next season in your life? Are you craving more financial abundance and stability? Maybe that's an internal hint that it's time to start looking for a better job. Or do you want to be surrounded by more beauty? Then that sounds like an invitation to treat yourself to some flowers or new perfume. Our bodies are always trying to lead us to our next best steps. What does that look like for you?  Have you been exhausted af lately? Ok, it sounds like rest is on the menu this season. Are your friends tap-dancing all over your Boundaries? Well, you better step your boundary game. Are you called to rest more, have fun, or be still? Whatever it is, your body is trying to tell you.  Our problem is that we're often too busy running away from ourselves to hear the tiny hints that our hearts are always trying to drop. In last week's episode, we talked about how to stop running from ourselves. Well, in today's episode, we're exploring what to do once you've stopped running and how to tune into ourselves to figure out our next best steps. Transcripts of this episode is available in the show notes. (Linked below) Show Notes- https://bit.ly/3gjtyH8| The Goal Getter Sessions | Instagram | Contact | Podcast Guest Submission Support the show (https://ko-fi.com/norealjewelry)
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