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Episode 1897 - Has the Constitution already been terminated? Study shows Processed food leads to cognitive decline. Tips on staying lean and healthy. The laptop coverup explained. Mainstream Ukrainian lies updated. What is an infodemic? Kirk Cameron denied Library access with faith based book. Plus much more. High energy must listen show!
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Episode 1939 - Antibodies in egg yolks against Covid? Ted reads letters from listeners. Conagra recalls 2.5 million pounds of meat. Who owns Conagra? Chinese balloon is propaganda. Pilot says heart attack was due to Shot. Don't live in fear! Plus much much more! Fireside chat show today!
Published 02/03/23
Episode 1938 - God will rescue you from the deep waters. Ted does an anointed green segment on the power and love of God! The mask narrative was a bad joke! Ivermectin has many uses? Hunter arrogantly admits laptop is real. Keep your kids off of you tube! EV vehicles are a joke! Will the...
Published 02/02/23