Taylor Schilling joins the guys this week to talk about her new Hulu series "Pam & Tommy," how she got her acting start, & of course Orange is the New Black! This is a fun one, complete with some interrupting thunder! Make sure you share the podcast & follow us all on social media!! @DarrellcHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @TayJSchilling
Published 09/24/21
For the 30th episode, the guys are joined by a legend this week with the great Jane Fonda! Jane talks about working with Lily Tomlin on everything from 9-5 to Grace & Frankie, her one and only attempt at stand up, & of course her legendary work out videos & SO MUCH MORE! Season 7 of "Grace & Frankie" is now streaming on Netflix, and make sure you check out Jane's books as well as her incredible catalog of work! Follow us all on social media!! @JaneFonda, @DarrellcHammond,...
Published 09/08/21
The guys are joined this week by Congressman Eric Swalwell! Rep Swalwell talks about his journey in politics, the severity of being in the Capitol during January 6th, & his book "Endgame: Inside the Impeachments of Donald J Trump!" Make sure you follow everyone on social media! @DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @RepSwalwell
Published 08/25/21
The guys sit down with Grammy Award winning musician Richard Marx! Richard talks about his new book "Stories to Tell," helping out fellow musician Bryan Adams, producing a hit song with N'Sync, & the story behind how "Hold on to the Night" became a mega hit for him! Check out Richard's new book & see him on his upcoming tour in 2022! And don't forget to follow us all on social media: @DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @RichardMarx!
Published 08/06/21
SNL Legend Keenan Thompson joins the guys for this episode! Keenan talks about when he wants to leave SNL, his long tenure on the show (Darrell holds the 2nd longest tenure), & how he wants to dive into stand up! This one is JAM PACKED with great SNL banter between Keenan & Darrell, AND listen till the end for a Mighty Ducks update! Don't forget to follow us on social media & share our posts: @DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @KeenanThompson!
Published 07/23/21
The guys are back with another fun episode featuring rising Comedy star Mark Normand! They talk with Mark about becoming a household name on the comedy scene thanks to Amy Schumer, Darrell & Mark share their love for New Orleans, & Mark tells his nerve racking experience opening up for the legend Jerry Seinfeld! Check out Mark's stand up special "Out to Lunch" available for FREE on YouTube! And follow us all on social media: @DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @MarkNormand!
Published 06/30/21
CNN's Jake Tapper joins the guys this week! Jake talks about his new book "The Devil May Dance," what it was like covering the Trump Presidency, and Jake even shares some of his impressions with Darrell! AND there's a really killer Clinton story, complete with an impression from Darrell! This one is JAM PACKED with something for everyone! Check out Jake's new book, "The Devil May Dance," in stores/online now, & make sure you follow us on social media & share our posts!...
Published 05/28/21
The guys sit down with Comedian & Actor Adam Ray! Adam talks about his role as Vince McMahon on the hit NBC show "The Young Rock," his love for sketch comedy & working on MAD TV, and he shows off some killer impressions for Darrell! Plus the boys share stories about doing stand up over seas, and Adam shares some behind the scenes stories about acting with Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy! Check out Adam's podcast "About Last Night," & follow us all on Social Media!...
Published 05/21/21
We are back! This week we are joined by legendary sportscaster Linda Cohn from ESPN's SportsCenter! Linda talks about her almost 30 year tenure at ESPN, sports gambling, & her experience breaking through in a male dominated industry. Plus Darrell & Linda swap stories about being respected by sports stars, & Linda vows to bring back the word "shellacking" for Darrell on her next SportsCenter! This is a MUST listen for sports fans! Don't forget to give us a good review AND follow us...
Published 05/14/21
After a month long hiatus, the boys are back! This episode they sit down with Original SNL Cast Member Laraine Newman! Laraine shares stories about Gilda Radner, what Lorne Michaels was like when SNL started, and she & Darrell share their love for accents & dialects! Check out Laraine's new audiobook "May You Live In Interesting Times" available now on Audible, and make sure you follow us all on social media!! @DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @LaraineNewman
Published 04/20/21
The legendary comedian Howie Mandel joins the guys for another killer episode! Howie talks about his early days at the Comedy Store in the 70's with Richard Pryor, why a stand up comic will never win America's Got Talent, how he came up with his infamous rubber glove bit in his act, and hilarious stories about playing pranks on his long time opener while touring! AND there's even something for the Gremlins & Bobby's World fans out there! Make sure you share our posts on social media AND...
Published 03/22/21
For our 20th episode, Emmy Award Winning Actor Jon Cryer joins the guys this week! Jon talks about a crazy Broadway story, having success at such a young age w/ Pretty in Pink, and of course about working w/ Charlie Sheen (and Ashton) on Two and a Half Men! Don't forget to add us on social media and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this podcast! Social Media: @DarrellcHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, @MrJonCryer (twitter) & @Jon_Cryer_Official (insta)
Published 03/08/21
Fans of SNL & of Adam Sandler movies will love this episode! The guys sit down with the great Tim Herlihy (former SNL writer & writer of all of Adam Sandler movies)! Tim reminisces with Darrell about their SNL days (including some throwback impressions by Darrell) & what it was like for Tim being a writer (and eventually the head writer) on the show. Plus we get some cool behind the scenes insight into how the Wedding Singer script was saved by a famous Hollywood actress, Tim...
Published 02/26/21
Well Third Person listeners, after 2 weeks off we are back with an absolutely bonkers episode! Former MLB All Star & World Series Champ Lenny Dykstra joins the guys for an episode that is definitely NSFW! Topics include: paying private investigators to blackmail umpires, allegations of a former teammate faking cancer, using steroids, getting Charlie Sheen off crack, and much much more! This episode is extremely entertaining to say the least, and as a disclaimer neither Darrell nor Chris...
Published 02/12/21
Former Presidential Candidate, and current NYC Mayoral Candidate, Andrew Yang joins the guys for this episode! Darrell & Chris get the chance to ask Andrew Yang some hard hitting questions about his plans & policies as the potential mayor of NYC! This episode is a bit more on the serious side, but there's some great insight into the person behind the politician with Andrew! Plus the 3 talk stand up comedy, Chris asks Andrew some silly rapid fire NYC trivia, & Andrew shows off his...
Published 01/25/21
Former SNL Cast Member Brooks Wheelan joins the guys for this episode! Brooks talks about going from his job as a Scientist to being hired by SNL, the heartbreak of only being on the show for one season, and traveling during the pandemic. If you're an SNL fan, this episode is right up your alley as Darrell & Brooks chop it up about their experiences working on the legendary show! Plus Darrell gives us incite on what meeting & interacting with Donald Trump is like, and Brooks throws us...
Published 01/14/21
Happy New Year! The boys are back after a holiday hiatus & sit down with former NBA player Rex Chapman! They talk with Rex about playing against Michael Jordan, being a college super star in Kentucky, and becoming a social media "influencer!" Plus, Darrell & Rex discuss the challenges of beating addiction & share stories of their rehab experiences. Definitely a must listen for NBA fans! Don't forget to share the word about the podcast with your friends/family on social media! And...
Published 01/06/21
The guys are joined by actor & comedian Jonathan Kite! They talk about the huge snow storm hitting NYC, Jonathan's 6 seasons on the hit show "2 Broke Girls," & Jonathan trades some of his incredible impressions with Darrell! Plus Jonathan shares what its like working with Jamie Foxx on his new Netflix show, & Listen to the end to hear Chris creep out Darrell again! Don't forget to add us on social media! @JonathanKite, @DarrellcHammond, @ChrisMillhouse
Published 12/17/20
The guys are joined this week by Debbie Downer herself, the great Rachel Dratch! Darrell & Rachel talk a ton of "behind the scenes" SNL stuff, including: auditions, Hosts, favorite sketches, & of course the iconic Debbie Downer character. Plus, the 3 discuss their experiences with going to psychics! Don't forget: Follow the 3 of us on social media! @DarrellCHammond, @TheRealDratch. & @ChrisMillhouse
Published 12/09/20
WE'RE BACK! After a week off for Thanksgiving, the boys return with another killer episode featuring one of the biggest stand up comedians of all time, the great Dane Cook! Dane reminisces with Darrell about Hosting SNL twice & why he never went in for his Cast Member audition. The boys ask what its like selling out Madison Square Garden & then they discuss their worst stand up gigs, plus there's even a fun story about being robbed while naked! Tell your friends to subscribe, &...
Published 12/02/20
The great Bobby Moynihan joins the guys this week! They talk SNL sketches (drunk uncle, Vinny Vedicci, etc)/SNL auditions, Darrell & Bobby discussĀ  SNL hosts (including what it's like working with Donald Trump), & there's a fun Sarah Palin story at the end. Oh and Rick & Morty fans will also love this episode! Dont forget to add us on social media & share our podcast posts with your friends!!
Published 11/18/20
Episode 10! The guys celebrate their 10th episode w/ comedy legend Colin Quinn! Chris & Darrell lead off the episode paying homage to Alex Trebek & Sean Connery and talk about the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches. Colin reminisces w/ Darrell about working together on Remote Control & SNL, they discuss old school NYC vs current NYC for stand up including stories about mobsters in the audience, & Darrell even recalls an offer the mob flat out refused. Dont forget to subscribe...
Published 11/12/20
FANS OF IMPRESSIONS: This is the episode for you! The incredible Jay Pharoah joins the guys to show off his insanely talented catalog of celebrity impressions! They also talk about Jay's SNL days, Darrell & Jay share mutual admiration for an SNL legend, and the guys get a bit serious on this one to talk about Jay's experience being held at gun point by the LAPD / the BLM movement / and bullying. PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded in advance back on Sept 30th, so some of the...
Published 11/06/20
Long time SNL Cast Member Horatio Sanz joins the guys for this week's episode! Darrell reminisces about why the other SNL cast members called Horatio "the straw that stirs the drink," Horatio discusses the "table gate" incident from a secret SNL party, and Darrell & Horatio swap Elton John & Trump impressions! This one is FULL of SNL tales for the big SNL fans out there! Make sure you download & be sure to share on social media!
Published 10/29/20
The great Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond joins the guys this week! Brad talks about opening up on the road for Julio Iglesias & Frank Sinatra, Brad's not so award winning performance on SVU, & tale of a secret farter on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond! Follow us on social media (@DarrellCHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, @BradGarrett) & Subscribe/Download!
Published 10/21/20