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Jimbo’s joined by Julien Laurens, Daniel Storey and Jack Lang to dissect more Premier League success in the Champions League. Plus, Rafa Honigstein on a potential Neu Gotterdammerung; Alvaro Romeo on Zidane turning up again at Real; and the first iteration of One Game to Replay  RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: Four PL sides in CL last 8 (00m 40s) • PART 1b: Bayern 1 - 3 Liverpool - with Rafa Honigstein (05m 00s)  • PART 1c: Juve 3 - 0 Atletico Madrid (14m 50s) • PART 2a: Barcelona 5 - 1 Lyon and the GOAT debate (18m 40s)  • PART 2b: City 7 - 0 Schalke (21m 30s) • PART 3a: ZZ returns to RM - with Alvaro Romeo (28m 10s) • PART 3b: The FA Cup quarter-finals (32m 20s)  • PART 4a: The PL weekend (39m 10s) • PART 5a: Le Classique preview (50m 20s) • PART 5b: The odds with Paddy Power’s Lee Price (57 30s) • PART 6: Exeunt omnes / OWNA FC and more (59m 30s)  LIVE EVENT NEWS: • Join us for[** Totally Football Live in Liverpool at the Epstein Theatre on Mon 25 March**]( and [**Totally Football Live in Leeds' City Varieties Music Hall on Mon 15 April**]( GET IN TOUCH:
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