Truth About Work Podcast Episode 17 - "What's the best kind of story to tell in my resume?"
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In Episode 17, Liz talks about pre-employment personality tests and why she's not a fan, and answers the question "What's the best kind of story to tell in my resume?" and the question, "If most people under-state their accomplishments, how do I avoid understating mine?"      
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In Episode 22, Liz talks about your relationship with your boss, how Employment at Will is bad for business and the interview question, "What's your greatest weakness?"
Published 07/30/20
In Episode 21, Liz answers the question "Should I tell my boss not to hire my toxic ex-coworker?" and explains how to answer the question "What do you do?" when you're in reinvention - and teaches listeners how to stand out in a job interview!
Published 07/22/20
In Episode Twenty, Liz explains why an interviewer might invite you to an interview but then accuse you of embellishing your resume; explains the difference between trust-based leadership and fear-based supervision; and talks about the mythology around employment vs. entrepreneurship.
Published 07/18/20