This week I'm sharing BTS of my spiritual awakening over the last year including how I took a sabbatical and rebuilt my business in 2020. Finding along the way that embracing the wonder in our own uniqueness is the only way to truly find what makes us happy! Plus, I'm giving some sneak peeks of new sessions and offers I'll have coming up in June along with dropping some juicy tidbits about Astrology and Human Design. Links Mentioned: Instagram: @shannonmgurule Become A Coach: Yes Supply
Published 05/05/21
How to stop 'shoulding' all over your business.
Published 07/21/20
Learning To Love Your Power
Published 07/08/20
2020 Mid-Year Review. Yep..I'm doing it.
Published 06/23/20
How To Lead The Way As A Coach Right Now
Published 06/17/20
The Dangers Of The "Whites Only" Success Club In The Online Business Industry.
Published 06/04/20
Let's talk marketing. I know it's top of mind for everyone right now and for newbies who are still falling victim to shiny-object-syndrome, you might be making some of these common mistakes. Not to worry! There's some easy fixes you can do to get...
Published 04/29/20
Should you be starting a coaching business right now?? And other questions answered...
Published 04/20/20
Welcome to the new reality! On a positive note I hope we're all getting some much needed time to spend with our families and hopefully re-evaluate life in general. While I get that the world just changed overnight, I'm taking the general stance that we...
Published 03/31/20
Should You Invest In A Coaching Certification?
Published 03/05/20
Build your business for you and your clients, no one else.
Published 02/27/20
Learning these marketing skills will give your content and confidence a boost in your coaching business.
Published 02/26/20
You tell people you're a Life Coach and silence falls on the room. I get it. Conveying the value of life coaching to people can be really difficult for newbies.  Even harder is getting over the fear of no one wanting to buy from you. So I've put together some of my best tips to help you navigate this unnecessarily awkward conversation. Links Mentioned In This Episode: Online Coaching Business GuideYour Social Media Bootcamp W/ Jasmine Star
Published 02/05/20
Overcoming limiting-beliefs as a new female entrpreneur
Published 01/24/20
Learn the 5 tips I've used to level up on my Instagram game.
Published 01/08/20
How To Create Your Strategic Coaching Business Plan For The Year
Published 12/30/19
Launch or grow your coaching business in 2020 with a little prep work in December.
Published 12/12/19
5 Femmepreneur Lessons This Decade Taught Me
Published 12/05/19
How To Live An Unconventional Life In a Conventional Family
Published 07/09/19
How To Reset Your Life After 30
Published 06/30/19