AI-Enhanced Cuckolding Fantasies
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Can AI truly enhance our wildest fantasies? Join me as I chat with my special guest, Oliver, a Helpful Cuck (podcast supporter) from Northern Europe, who shares his intriguing experiences using AI to take his cuckolding desires to the next level. We discuss creating a safe and consensual environment through AI applications like Chat GPT, and how to craft specific parameters for the AI to understand your intent and deliver the most satisfying results. Together, we delve into the limitless potential of AI in constructing role-play scenarios and "cuckold dungeon" experiences. Oliver reveals his ideas for an epic dungeon, incorporating tasteful art pieces and decor elements to create the perfect escape for busy couples. We also explore the convenience of having such a space in your own home, and how AI can assist in designing and manifesting these fantasies. Lastly, we ponder the potential of AI in adult content creation and its possible effects on the porn industry. From AI reading thoughts through MRI scans to its potential as a virtual psychologist for cuckolds, we discuss the futuristic possibilities that lie in the intersection of AI and adult content. Don't miss this thought-provoking and titillating conversation with Oliver! Links Oliver on Twitter: Mon App chat with Venus & Oliver May 29th 1pm PT - Pillow Talk with the Slut Sisters Aine & Scarlet June 15th 12pm PT - XO Afterglow - Venus Connections - private matchmaking for two unique relationship styles.1. Cuckolding Relationships2. Female-Led RelationshipsLearn more at Support the showDestination Links for Venus -
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