S5E12: Be Still, Our Beading Hearts!
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Beads in embroidery have us learning about all kinds of styles and techniques we've never tried. But you know we want to! Note: This episode has some unavoidable background noise. Thank you for bearing with us! Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
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We're sharing our favorite items that let us keep our crafts close and our crafting tools closer. (It may be early, but you might want to start your holiday wishlist after listening!) Show notes: veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 10/24/22
Published 10/24/22
What started with an idea for a giant spider web became a very serious macrame discussion. Think we can get through a whole episode without bad puns? We're a frayed knot. Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 10/10/22