Published 10/24/22
We're sharing our favorite items that let us keep our crafts close and our crafting tools closer. (It may be early, but you might want to start your holiday wishlist after listening!) Show notes: veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 10/24/22
What started with an idea for a giant spider web became a very serious macrame discussion. Think we can get through a whole episode without bad puns? We're a frayed knot. Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 10/10/22
When you get to create an entire space just for your craft work, it's a luxury and also a bit overwhelming. But that won't stop us from talking about drawers, built-ins, cutting tables, and pegboards! Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 09/26/22
In this corntastic discussion, Haley and Mollie talk all things corn husks, while considering what it would take to make brooms from start to finish. And of course, they have plenty of corn puns! Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/ 
Published 09/12/22
We never get tired of talking about color, but this time around, it's about some helpful color tools and the types of color projects that are especially fun or challenging. Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 08/29/22
In this episode, we're searching for ways that our favorite crafting techniques are showing up in the news. It's a delightful mixture of celebrities, scandal, and downright heartwarming stories. Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
Published 08/15/22
Beads in embroidery have us learning about all kinds of styles and techniques we've never tried. But you know we want to! Note: This episode has some unavoidable background noise. Thank you for bearing with us! Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
Published 08/01/22
We've been planning and working on more home decor. This time it's Victorian upholstery and IKEA curtains! Show notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
Published 07/18/22
It's time to talk about America's founding sewist, Betsy Ross. And if you've ever wondered what it takes to make an official flag, 1812 style, we've got you covered. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 07/04/22
We don't need these cool tools, but they sure are fun and we definitely want them. Prepare to add some new gadgets to your craft arsenal! Show Notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 06/20/22
Starting with a walk down craft kit memory lane and making our way to highly skilled artisans, we're admiring all the techniques and materials for stained glass. And would you believe we have some styles we don't like? Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 06/06/22
Do home projects count as crafts? We say they do, which is why we're talking about home restoration, custom tile, and concrete work, and learning new skills. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 05/23/22
What's the difference between our jokes and papercutting? Nothing! They're both tearable! Nonetheless, we're talking scissor-cut, machine-cut, knife-cut, and laser-cut paper projects and artists. Show Notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 05/09/22
From southern gothic dollhouses to fairy garden forest friends, we've got some big feelings for the tiny world of handcrafted miniatures. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 04/25/22
You might think that Haley and Mollie never met a craft they didn't like. You would be wrong. From the process to the product, we're discussing the techniques that just aren't for us. Show notes: You might think that Haley and Mollie never met a craft they didn't like. You would be wrong. From the process to the product, we're discussing the techniques that just aren't for us.
Published 04/11/22
We don’t often have a whole day to devote to making something just because we want to, but if we did, this episode is full of all the projects we'd work on (and finish!) in a day. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/2022/03/28/the-very-serious-crafts-podcast-season-5-episode-03/
Published 03/28/22
With all the crafting methods they've tried, there are still techniques that give Haley and Mollie some serious pause. Will they talk each other into starting something new and complicated? Perhaps. Show Notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/
Published 03/14/22
In their first Very Serious Crafts episode of season 5, Haley and Mollie talk about the things they've been enjoying while on a podcast break, including just taking time to "be."   Show Notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
Published 02/28/22
As they wrap up season 4, Haley, Katie, and Mollie share some of their favorite handmade items and craft tools to give and receive. Show Notes: https://veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes
Published 11/22/21
We're getting our hands dirty as we discuss our favorite types of clay for crafting, including some clay recipes so you can make your own! Haley also shares a PSA for keeping pets safe while you're stitching. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/episodes/
Published 11/08/21
By hand, machine, stylus, or icing, fancy writing isn't always easy. Unsurprisingly, we have many Thoughts and Feelings about it. Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/2021/10/25/the-very-serious-crafts-podcast-season-4-episode-18/
Published 10/25/21
From the spark of an idea to picking up a pencil (or not!) and making the final digital patterns, Haley, Katie, and Mollie discuss their processes for making new designs. Show Notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/2021/10/11/the-very-serious-crafts-podcast-season-4-episode-17/
Published 10/11/21
The Creative Circle was multi-level marketing, but like, the non-scammy, all crafty kind. Join us as we gush over these vintage kits and wish for craft supply parties to make a comeback! Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/2021/09/27/the-very-serious-crafts-podcast-season-4-episode-16/
Published 09/27/21
Haley, Katie, and Mollie discuss their amazing ideas that are also terrible ideas. Because, even though it's gonna be worth it, now you have to make the thing.    Show notes: https://www.veryseriouscrafts.com/2021/09/13/the-very-serious-crafts-podcast-season-4-episode-15/
Published 09/13/21