Published 06/30/16
So many of us as parents have expressed concern that our grown up children have not really grown up. Moreover, there are some parents who refuse to let their children grow up! Julie Lythcott-Haims is a New York times bestselling author with a book called How To Raise An Adult. Julie was Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Freshmen and Undergraduate Advising at Stanford. Her work has appeared on TEDx talks, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, The New York Times, Slate.com,...
Published 06/30/16
The ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, provides valuable insight into the world of power, politics and terror. Having survived an attempted assassination during his political career that led him to become an avid supporter of the War on Terror, Shaukat brings a very real perspective into the main issues that citizens of the world face today. Take a listen here: Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes
Published 06/17/16
Dr Sherry Blake is one of America's leading mental health experts and a TV celebrity in her own right. She brings a refreshing perspective on why successful women are challenged when it comes to relationships and finding meaning in other aspects of life. Are these successful women expecting too much? Is there a shortage of good men? Does success need to be redefined? Do successful women need to mend their attitude? All these questions and so much more on this lively, informative and...
Published 06/09/16
When a couple divorces, does the family divorce as well? Very rarely do we hear about the impact on children from the children themselves. On this show we have a 15 and a 25 year old share their experiences when their parents divorced. How did they manage stress? Were their loyalties tested? What goes thru their minds? And much more... On the show one of America's leading Child & Adolescent Family therapists, Darby Fox, shares some valuable advice on how to manage the children of divorce...
Published 05/26/16
Why are there so few African-American Republicans? It seems the majority of African-American voters are aligned with the Democratic Party because of certain perceptions of the GOP. Our guest, Gianno Caldwell is one of the few African-American Republicans there is. Gianno provides a great insight into why these perceptions exist and the real truth behind them. Nothing is off-limits on this show and we get into this very real issue right from the start. Take a listen: Subscribe to my FREE...
Published 05/19/16
America is hands-down the most charitable nation on Earth. But are we charitable from a sense of obligation to give to the less fortunate or are we really maximizing what giving to others can truly mean for our own satisfaction? To enlighten us, I have Jean Shafiroff, a professional philanthropist and fundraiser who sits on the board of seven charities. She's been named one of the top 100 most most Powerful New Yorkers in Gotham Magazine, and is out with a new book called Successful...
Published 05/12/16
Can our kids learn by failing? Jessica Lahey believes so. She is a national expert, educator, writer and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed. Jessica reveals how the education system is flawed, why teachers over-inflate grades and how parents cheat for their children! Take a listen: Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes
Published 05/06/16
Is marriage worth it anymore? Married life seems to have more attitude than gratitude these days and some of us feel that we had a better experience dating our mate than marrying them. My guest, Lisa Bevere helps navigate these common feelings like no one else can! Lisa is so many things to so many people. An international speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of The Messenger International Ministry and with a book she wrote called, 'The Story of Marriage', she is the perfect guest for...
Published 04/15/16
Known to billions and followed by millions, Sadhguru is probably one of the most influential figures in the world today because he helps people discover and empower themselves through what he calls Inner Engineering. Vipp presents him with some of the most common emotions and issues that prevail in midlife such as depression, confusion, adultery and fear. These two go deep into matters that really matter. Vipp even dares to ask if Sadhguru has ever experienced midlife crisis himself! Both...
Published 04/14/16
Is the War Against Terror the most misunderstood war in America's history? Our soldiers are patriots. Their soldiers are fanatics. We fight the war over there. They fight the war over here. Our weapons are bullets. Their weapons are their lives! Yet my guest - Dr Sebastian Gorka - believes we can win! Sebastian is probably the world's only authority on counter-terrorism. He's the world's leading expert on asymmetric warfare and provides advice to the US Special Operations Command, The FBI's...
Published 04/07/16
The word "entrepreneur" seems to be the new buzz-word of the millennium, but do we really know what it means and how to become one? One of America's most successful entrepreneurs and author of Always Forward - Bill Wooditch - explains what it takes and how to get there. This show discusses the agony and the ecstasy of evaluating your freedom in the world of entrepreneurship...one piece at a time. Take a listen right here: Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes
Published 03/31/16
One of America's leading healers - Jennifer McLean - discusses how to fully embrace the potential of your future by fixing the problems of your past. Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes Instead of relying on outside help at the outset, one should realize that they are responsible for one's own well being. Jennifer explains how to create 'Spontaneous Transformation' within oneself in 7 simple steps. Take a listen here:
Published 03/24/16
What do you think of the state of the political debates so far? Have you been informed or have you been entertained? Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes My guest is one of America's leading conservative pundits - Mr. Cal Thomas. Cal has a nationally syndicated column which appears in hundreds of newspapers nationwide and is one of the most highly regarded conservative voices in America. He's funny, smart and larger than life! Take a listen to what America's political pundit has to say:
Published 03/17/16
  Get rich books are a dime a dozen and the only people who end up getting rich are usually the authors themselves! Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes On this show Vipp takes on Rabbi Daniel Lapin to get an insight into what is really involved in getting one to prosper in their lives. Rabbi Lapin presents a very different perspective on wealth creation and places emphasis on not just what is within you but what exists around you in order to prosper. You won't get these words of wisdom...
Published 03/10/16
Diets rarely work in the long term and most who go on one usually end up failing. Vipp meets with Dr. Bruce Roseman who has come up with a very simple strategy to slim down and lose weight involving very little exercise and very little compromise. Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes! While Vipp's unique strategy of losing weight involves removing weight scales and mirrors from his home, Dr. Roseman offers a far more qualified and practical approach! Dr. Roseman himself lost 70 lbs using...
Published 02/25/16
Vipp's keen interest in diversity takes him to exploring the mindset of what makes the Jewish community so successful and influential in America and around the world. Their achievements are an example to others, and Vipp explores how this community thinks and operates from a Biblical, philosophical and personal level. Vipp hosts one of America's most influential Rabbis, Rabbi Daniel Lapin to share with us how this wonderful community creates success. From a spiritual approach to a personal...
Published 02/19/16
Our Vipp explores the modern day dilemmas that women face in their world today. Dr Sherry Blake is one of the entertainment and sports world's leading therapists and shares her solution-oriented wisdom to one and all. Join these two for a funny, lively and engaging debate. Laugh, Learn and Listen here: Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes.
Published 02/12/16
What is love today? What's wrong with a one-night stand? What's so wrong with loving more than one person all at once? Are women more sexually immature than men? Our Vipp gets to ask all these crazy questions and more, to global relationship expert, Dr Helen Fisher. Their discussion will take your understanding of love to a new level. Check out the show to learn more:
Published 02/10/16
According to Vipp's millennial guest, over 80% of Millennials feel they've been ignored by the Presidential candidates. In this show, Justin Dent, co-founder of GenFKD - a leading organization that represents the Millennium generation - explains why this generation has a beef against the political and capital system in America today. Do Millennials deserve to be entitled? Do they deserve anything at all? Do you give a damn? This one-of-a-kind show gets into the nitty-gritty of what is of...
Published 02/04/16
Getting kids into college is one of the milestones of every parent. Vipp gets some of the best advice available from internationally renowned college application expert, Eric Greenberg - President of Greenberg Educational Group. Eric shares some groundbreaking tips on how our kids can maximize performance and get to the college of their dreams. Take a listen here: Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes
Published 01/29/16
After the runaway success of Vipp's show "When Being You Is Good Enough!", listeners asked him to carry on with the same theme on how to manage oneself. On this show, Vipp takes a bold step and tackles the most innate emotion within all of us - FEAR. Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes He explains how to manage FEAR in such a simple way that you will come out of the show bolder and better prepared for life's challenges. Take a listen and get ready to manage FEAR:
Published 01/29/16
Political operative Roger Stone exposes a no-holds barred account of the Clintons' dark secrets to Vipp. Subscribe to my FREE podcast on iTunes They discuss Stone's allegations of Bill Clinton's ties to murder, the abandonment of Bill's African-American son, the identity of Chelsea Clinton's real father, Hillary's strange relationship with top aide Huma Abedin and so much more! Is this a fictional fantasy of filth or is it the real deal? Dare to listen here:
Published 01/21/16
With such a diverse choice of polarizing personalities in this election, the American people are truly in a dilemma like never before - Are we going to vote for the candidate with the biggest hype, or for someone of a particular type? Presidential biographer, Emilio Iodice brings his new book, '2016 Selecting The President', alive on Fox News Radio with Vipp. Hear a perspective on each Presidential candidate that you don't hear anywhere else. Listen now:
Published 01/14/16
Our very own Vipp delivers a special message just for you in a way that only he can! He breaks down the art of just being you in the most simple and dynamic of ways that will have you wondering why you ever bothered to buy any motivational books or listen to self-proclaimed, self-help gurus! Listen to Vipp talk about the one and only - YOU!
Published 01/07/16