Top Apps & Tech To Use To Enhance Your Volleyball Team
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In this episode, I share top apps and tech to help enhance your volleyball team. These apps will help with player development and improve your efficiency as a coach. Some apps we talk about:  Chat GPT Volleyball Stat  iStatVball 2  Data Volley CoachBoard  Coaches Eye/ Bam Video Delay/ Dartfish Volleymetrics/Hudl/ Vidswap WhatsApp Or Telegram YouTube or Google Classroom Wireless Mic Click here to join Digital Volleyball Academy   Click here to register for my free workshop  Reach out via Instagram @BrianSingh_CoachB 
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In this episode, I share one key principal and drill that will significantly help your player development especially in the off season. In this episode we talk about: Adaptation Principle  Ball Control Drill  Passing Drill  Modification of drills  And a few more key concepts  Click here to join...
Published 05/29/23
In this episode, we are privileged to have coach Chris Wilkins come on the podcast and share how he's won 12 championships in a row. Winning 1 championship is hard. Winning 2 championships is even harder and winning 3 championships in a row is rare. Winning 12 championships in a row is unheard...
Published 05/22/23