32- VolleyTalk w Anhelina Khmil 🇺🇦
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Today’s conversation is with Anhelina Khmil, a 19-year-old beach volleyball player who is now making waves in the beach world. She has won multiple youth European and World Championship titles, Beach Pro Tour Futures event, and she is further accelerating her career by committing to Texas Christian University (TCU) in the Fall of 2022. If you didn’t know, TCU has one of the strongest US programs and is currently ranked 6th in the NCAA. In this episode, Anhelina talks about:- - How beach volleyball turned from a nightmare to a dream for her - How her life has changed after the war in Ukraine broke out! - How she and her partner won a match in the third set despite being 11-2 down!! - Her journey of committing to TCU and the cultural differences she is experiencing - Why she wants to try being a defender! - What she thinks the 2 most essential qualities a beach volleyball player should have And as usual, much much more! Follow Anhelina on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anhelina_khmil/ Follow The VolleyTalk Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/thevolleytalkpodcast__/ Check out the episode with another TCU player, Daniela Alvarez: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7rX3xM3osiaNWGKgWr2gBz?si=tl8a1lYWR9mROXRJMJCG8A
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