571: "What We" (TWD: The One's Who Live S1E4)
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Wow, what an outstanding episode Danai Gurira wrote, and also brilliantly performed with Andrew Lincoln. Intimate, emotional, surprising, and triumphant. Lucy and I both loved it were looking forward to podcasting about it the moment we saw it. Hope you enjoy. Cult recovery resources: https://alittlebitculty.com/resources Next up: Listener feedback for TWD: The Ones Who Live S1E4 “What We”. Let us know your thoughts! You can email or send a voice message to [email protected]. Or check out our Facebook group, where we put up comment posts for each episode, at facebook.com/groups/podcastica.Check us out on YouTube each Sunday immediately after The Ones Who Live for some instant reactions: https://www.youtube.com/@podcastica  Show support and get ad-free episodes and a bunch of other cool stuff: patreon.com/jasoncabassi  Or go to buymeacoffee.com/cabassi for a one-time donation.
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I remembered loving this episode because of the zombie scenes, and they were just as good on rewatch. The soapy drama, yeah it was alright too ;)  Next up: TWD S2E10 “18 Miles Out”! Let us know your thoughts.You can email or send a voice message to [email protected]. Or check out our Facebook...
Published 05/14/24
Back to the rewatch! This is the first ep with Glen Mazzara as showrunner, and I remember being worried whether the show would still be good after Darabont left, and then being relieved that it was great. But do we still feel that way….?  Announcement: Karen, David, and I (Jason) are excited to...
Published 05/07/24