EP335: Harnessing the Power of Wellness Workshops 
to Build a Consistent Client Base
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Most coaches that we speak and work with are all doing their best to dial in on an approach that results in a steady stream of clients enrolling in their paid programs. However, it can feel confusing trying to figure out which approach is the “ONE” that actually works for you and your future clients.   This is a great time to start planning your strategy for the new year. How are you going to kick off 2024 with a bang so that it can be your best year in business yet? One great option is to deliver one wellness workshops each month to help your dream clients get to know you better, learn more about your offers, and enroll in your coaching programs.   In this episode, you’ll discover - The concept of a client funnel, from attracting potential clients through free content to narrowing down to warm leads at the bottom all by delivering one wellness workshop each month How wellness workshops serve a dual purpose in the client funnel: attracting new prospects and converting them into paying clients The 6 key elements to a profitable workshop, including establishing, enlightening, educating, entrenching, engaging, and enrolling participants in your program How workshops can be utilized in various ways in a coaching business: as free informational sessions, as fee-based coaching workshops, or as pre-recorded on-demand sessions for lead generation and nurturing Grab your headphones and let’s dive in!     Links mentioned in this episode:   Karen’s Wellness Workshop: https://www.karenpattock.com/workshops-the-ultimate-fast-track/   Through November 16th, 2023, save 40% with discount code: WELLNESS     Links to Resources:   Wellness Business Accelerator - www.wellnessbusinessaccelerator.com/   Karen’s Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/emaillistbuildingforcoaches/   Karen’s Instagram - www.instagram.com/karenpattock/   Kathleen’s Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/healthcoachpeers/   Kathleen’s Instagram - www.instagram.com/kathleenlegrys/
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