EP356: How to Decide if an Evergreen Workshop is Right for You
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One of the most impactful ways I attracted clients when I was a health coach was by hosting a monthly live online wellness workshop. It was truly one of the foundational pieces of my marketing strategy back then and in my opinion it’s still a very viable strategy for coaches looking to grow their email list and consistently enroll clients into their paid programs.   In this episode, we delve into the strategy of transforming live online wellness workshops into evergreen assets for marketing and client enrollment. We’re covering a common question about pre-recording workshops for an evergreen model, exploring the benefits and considerations associated with this decision.  In this episode you’ll discover –  The two most common evergreen workshop options and the pros/cons to each The single most overlooked ‘must-have’ before implementing either option to increase overall conversion rates Understanding the benefits and considerations of each approach in terms of list building, conversion rates, and setup complexity. Let’s dive in. Grab your earbuds and let’s chat all things evergreen workshops. Links mentioned in episode: Karen’s done-for-you Workshops - https://www.karenpattock.com/workshops-the-ultimate-fast-track/ Coupon Code: PODCAST25   Links/Resources: Karen’s Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/emaillistbuildingforcoaches/   Karen’s Instagram - www.instagram.com/karenpattock/   Kathleen’s Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/healthcoachpeers/   Kathleen’s Instagram - www.instagram.com/kathleenlegrys/
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