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Meet David Wallace, political fixer. After decades in the game he says he’s getting out, telling all, and dumping his files in public. The result is the viral "Klondike Papers" theory of conspiracies, conservatives, and cults. But are the allegations true? And why is he really implicating himself, and so many others? A wild, true story. Series launches October 31st. Subscribe now (link). Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Today we’re sharing with you a preview of the first episode of Canadaland’s newest show Pretendians. What do some of the most prominent and successful Indigenous artists, leaders and thinkers have in common? They aren’t Indigenous.   From major universities, to the halls of power, to Hollywood,...
Published 05/14/24
Published 05/14/24
The first episode from COMMONS newest season on cults. Click here to follow COMMONS, wherever your get your podcasts. As organized religion declines in countries like Canada, we’ve experienced an explosion of what some call religious movements and what others call cults. The idea of cults has...
Published 10/18/23