They're Made of Meat! - Rollable phone, Bitcoin ETF, AT&T Outage
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Gemini and Google's Culture Klarna says its OpenAI virtual assistant does the work of 700 humans OpenAI says New York Times 'hacked' ChatGPT to build copyright lawsuit Tyler Perry halts $800m studio expansion after being shocked by AI Kids left disappointed by Willy Wonka theme park grift Google co-founder Sergey Brin sued over a plane crash that killed two pilots last year MWC 2024: Motorola's Rollable Concept phone laughs at your silly foldable Peering through Lenovo's transparent laptop into a sci-fi future Samsung unveils the Galaxy Ring as a way to 'simplify everyday wellness' The Humane AI Pin worked better than I expected — until it didn't New bitcoin spot ETF trading volume sets daily record, besting launch day Supreme Court Arguments on Social Media Laws Are Scrutinized Nevada sues to deny kids access to Meta's Messenger encryption Third Time's a Charm — Lunar Library Successfully Lands on the Moon — Backup of Human Civilization Will Last for Up To Billions of Years. AT&T is giving customers a bill credit following massive outage Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT Jensen Huang, CEO of #Nvidia, argues that we should stop saying kids should learn to code. Doomsters write another letter Wear OS is revamping notifications to improve battery life Google brings Gemini to Messages and adds AI text summaries for Android Auto Chrome's new AI feature can help you write on the web Meta Wants Llama 3 to Handle Contentious Questions as Google Grapples With Gemini Backlash Google Maps is finally making glanceable directions widely available Some Kind of Heaven Mom's first VR Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsor:
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Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24
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