17 February, 2021 – Episode 812 – Fungus February Fun!
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What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? Perseverence On Mars, Silent Caterpillar Killers, Meat For Cats, Looking Out, Dog Shows, Fish Tracks, Interview with Dr. Ivan Liachko of Phase Genomics, Cockroach Wings, Spider Legs, COVID Protection Genes?, Not So Rare SNPs, Less Is More, Avian Insulation, And Much More… Become a Patron! Check out the full episode of our science podcast on YouTube. You can do that here. And, remember that you can find us on all the podcast directories. If you are looking for science podcasts on Spotify, we are there! Science podcasts on Google? We are there! You’re looking for science podcasts on iTunes, science podcasts on Apple? We are there, too! Just look for This Week in Science… Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! As a cold snap grips much of Texas, And millions are without power as temperatures drop below zero, Some strange news is coming from the fossil fuel industry Via the Texas governor and Fox news… That wind turbines are to blame for the power outages! Yes the green new deal, so alive and well in Texas, Is the reason for the power outages according to Fox news and Governor Abbot. A few fun facts… Denmark gets 41% of its electricity from wind Germany 21% Canada and Sweden have hundreds of dedicated wind farms generating power. And they all work in the cold weather which those countries are all too familiar with. The state of Iowa gets 40% of its energy from wind, the most in the United States. Now western Iowa is seeing rolling blackouts from this winter cold snap as well… But that’s because 50% of its gas powered generators went off line! Texas on the other hand gets only 10% of its energy from wind, and has had similar issues with generators freezing. Not wind turbines, but gas generators… The point is,
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