TWiT is both a relic and relevant, I take comfort in that.
Joey JoJo Senior Shabadoo via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 02/03/24
I really enjoyed this show prior to say 2017...after most became another “let’s denounce Trump every 15 minutes” show. I get it though, the show is in a very liberal area of California and I guess they feel the need to repeatedly remind the listeners how dumb Trump is....Read full review »
Biggestwaste7872 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/25/24
Awesome show . Leo is great . He brings you up to date with weekly tech developments with a refreshing sense of humor ! Has great guests as well .
nick kumar via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/20/24
The recent reviews are all spot on. It’s a tech news show with guests that just want to soapbox about their latest political hobby-horse. Maybe that is your jam, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting discussion week-in and week-out when most tech stories are met with the same answer by the...Read full review »
ace8cjc via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/21/23
Update 12/2023: TWIT podcasts are circling the drain. Leo Laporte has rid his channel of talented employees and banned guests who don’t kowtow to his egotistical narcissism. He has become a sad character who entertains listeners via unintended humor and episodic hypocrisy. The boys (and...Read full review »
ckat via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/19/23
Been listening since the Twit cabin. At this point a lot of the conversations are political and their is not much diversity of thought among the guests and the hosts.
TheBestIronManEver via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/20/23
The conversations keep getting very close to anti Israel and antisemitism. They make it clear what they think but are not allowed to say. I have been listening since 2005. It’s time for me to unsubscribe.
Nj321 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/13/23
I gave it an honest try - weeks of on again off again listening. Leo’s constant chuckle combined with he and the guests slipping left wing political views into technology baffles me. Why would you ruin a great show for your politics?
Jeff-dad via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/08/23
Since my previous rating (below): Leo has gotten worse cutting off guests. This is a podcast about tech, not politics. Will not continue listening Leo: you are NOT the center of the universe. You have excellent guests but don’t let them finish their replies to your questions. They bring their...Read full review »
Hawaii96813 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/07/23
Leo, when you can’t sleep at night, read a REAL book! All you need is a great, attention absorbing real-paper book, honest flash light with real batteries (or a battery-operated head lamp) and eyeglasses. I have been a longtime listener of your podcasts and am a few years older than you. When...Read full review »
USA Mknitter via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/06/23
I came for tech news and all I got was the various host’s opinion of how terrible they think Elon Musk is. That’s fine but not very interesting.
wildt267 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/12/23
Good information and interesting guests, but the main host constantly interrupts everyone else.
great content, poor production via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/10/23
After many many many years of listening to almost every show every week, I have finally decided to unfollow all the TWiT network podcast as well as stop paying for subscriptions to the network. This is very hard for me to do as it was part of my life for so long. But the conversations have...Read full review »
Trivie via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/04/23
Looking for a new podcast that covers technology and found this. Almost immediately noticed they had left wing bias in their reporting. Sad, that this is media today. Glad that a lot of people are waking up to this.
CT2076 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/24/23
The title of this podcast should now be “This Week in Tech Policy”. Leo has slowly steered TWIT away from its roots as a technology review to what is now a technology policy debate show. TWIT has shed segments with technical experts and transitioned to a format that features a rotating cast of...Read full review »
Mbwolk via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/23/23
This week in Elon Musk and left wing agendas. Hopefully advertisers understand that Leo and his lefties alienate all middle of the road or conservatives. Lefty Leo Please get over it and watch one of your earlier podcasts and go back to your roots. You’ve become boring and need to shake it up....Read full review »
Maine-ah in Vermont via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/12/23
Even as someone in the middle, where most people reside, I'm utterly sick of the injection of radicalized alt-left politics and snide political jabs. It's gotten as bad as listening to the alt-right loons, except the weird smugness about being wrong about everything all the time,...Read full review »
Yo0@Oo0o0O0o0o@o0O0oO@O0oO0@0 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/11/23
Focus on the technology and stay out of the politics and bias.
czip via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/30/23
Seriously, the only real turn off for me with this show is because the main host never lets people finish what they’re saying. Even when the host asks a direct question to the guest, he can’t remain quiet to hear the response/answer. Nonstop interruptions during every single show. I really want...Read full review »
Brandon PNW via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/25/23
Ever since 2016 the show has gotten worse with constant one sided political opinions and guests who want to restrict speech. That and the constant hand wringing pessimism from “futurists” and tech reporters has really left me not enjoying the show anymore. I’m hopeful they can return to their...Read full review »
JustinL81 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/13/23
okay hot take : with all this talk of voices and value and who deserves what, i'd like to point out that leo etcal. have had absolutely velvet voices and quality content since, well, they thr pioneers of it! i could say i'd be happy to hear leo steve or micah read a phone book for hours,...Read full review »
Lemyrrio via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/24/23
TWIT used to be a must listen (like 10 years ago), but now Leo (and the hosts) spend so much time competing on virtue signaling and grand standing self righteous politics. And when will they ever stop complaining about Twitter (every episode since Twitter started!). I’ve always loved listening...Read full review »
Formulabrand via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/18/23
Let the guest finish her thought! He is a very bad host. Doesn’t let anyone else finish before he has interrupted them. I had to stop listening. not only can I get any information from the guest, but let’s face it, Leo is just plain rude.
RoombaLover via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/16/23
I used to listen to this podcast as soon as it was released. Leo Laporte is a great presenter and puts his own money where his mouth is and buys and tries a lot of things. However I’ve now gotten to the stage I can no longer listen to these shows. The presenters have become so opinionated and...Read full review »
29whit via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/15/23
I used to enjoy Leo on KFI. This show has gone on a serious decline. Rich on Tech that replaced Leo on KFI is an energetic breath of fresh air. I have also gone Komando; listening to Kim Komando’s show more often. Leo has lost his audience. The callers are uninteresting and boring. Leo...Read full review »
Enthusiast for podcast via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/25/23
i tried it and for 30 minutes these low iq clowns talk only about bashing Elon Musk and Joe Rogan. i sense their feelings of inferiority is their drive
frenchmike1972 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/23/23
I used to enjoy this show, but ever since COVID Leo/cast (with a few exceptions) have been very political and one sided. Also the show has been nothing but hate on Elon. I just wish they could go back to keeping it about tech, leave the politics out of it. Update: Just tried again, nothing has...Read full review »
Synious via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/29/23
Over the last few years, Leo, the host, asks the guests a question, then within a few seconds of starting their answer, interrupts them with his own thoughts. It happens on every show he hosts. He seems like a great guy, he just can’t let the guests talk. This is making it really tough to listen...Read full review »
999Haunts via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/22/23
Had to stop listening because every show week after week is half spent talking only about AI. It’s rinse and repeat.
Definitely Ian via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/15/23
Se ha convertido en un podcast de propaganda woke anti Elon Musk. Es ridículo. No por Elon musk en si, sino por la falta de parcialidad por una parte, y por el desconocimiento de ciertas cosas por otra.
Rafyelzz via Apple Podcasts · Spain · 05/10/23
Leo Laporte is a great presenter and has interesting and varied guests on the show who know what they’re talking about, though he does interrupt them quite a lot (I guess this is to keep the flow going). The downsides, and it’s got worse recently, are heavy political bias and discussion away...Read full review »
PL84 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 05/05/23
It’s amazing how unbothered these leftists are about losing their blue check. 😂😂😂
ousucks via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/24/23
It'll be great when they stop trying to analyze every one of Elon Musk's bowel movements every single episode. AND STOP WITH THE COMMIE SOY LEFTIST OPINIONS! TECH IS CAPITALISTIC IN ITS INTRINSIC VALUES AND SHOULD BE EMBRACED ACCORDINGLY. The left leaning garbage is preventing me from...Read full review »
The Hoagman via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 04/17/23
Over the last 17 years, I’ve unsubscribed from just about all of the network’s podcasts due to the blatant political bias of most guests and hosts. ‘Security Now’ will be the only offering from here on out. I mean, I feel so inferior… I’m not a card-carrying progressive. Then again, if Democrats...Read full review »
Senor MegaPelo via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/28/23
The host, Leo, constantly interrupts
ShaunMBP via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 03/22/23
This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of technology. Every episode leaves me with a new perspective to ponder long after it ends. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply curious about the ever-evolving role of technology...Read full review »
Andieo1997 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/20/23
Should be called TWILL (this week in Leo Laporte). He frequently talks over guests to say something that that just popped into his head or to show off a voice impersonation. I finally had to stop listening because it’s too much Leo and not enough of his guests.
mikehillster via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/15/23
You know it’s a good podcast when you find yourself arguing the other side to your speakers on your morning commute and the next second smiling and nodding. Nice cast for those who need to stay up on what’s going on in tech news while breaking with the feeds.
HelenaUnboxed via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/02/23
Ive been watching Leo and the TWiT crew since I discovered The Screen Savers on Tech TV as a nerdy reclusive outcast of a teen. Fast forward to what must be close to 20 years and a lifetime of experiences later and listening to this podcast is still a weekly ritual. At this point its not about...Read full review »
Tall Dan was taken via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/08/23
ehuna via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/29/23
I realise TWIT network needs adverts to pay the wages however I think adverts for advertisers is too much for me. I have sadly stoped subscribing and listening to all but one podcast ( I know many may say someone has to pay, but retired on a small pension means I cannot join the club). Having...Read full review »
JohnT @ Emsworth via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/25/23
Elon bash fest each week! One sided discussion with the most left guests, who are the least willing to have any type of intellectual discussion. Leo’s network is dying because there is no debate anymore or different opinions. I’m officially out!
StrategicStreet via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/24/23
I was trying to hold on for the new year but finally had to unsubscribe from all his podcast Leo is one of the great voices in Radio and Podcast and he is probably the best at doing live reads, but I can’t take all the Elon bashing, all his guest has the same point of view so you never get a...Read full review »
Detron3000 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/23/23
I’ve listened to this for 17 years and supported it financially for the past several years. I’ve enjoyed the guests and varying opinions. Lately it’s become unlistenable though. We get it, you hate Elon Musk. I don’t care for him either but enough is enough. It’s not news or worthy of talking...Read full review »
ohdembein via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/23/23
The downfall of twit started years ago and has ended with Leo’s political rants
center15 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 01/10/23
First, Leo is an excellent broadcaster and voice personality. I’ve watched and listened to him since Tech-TV. Second, the sound and video are always very good quality. Third, the content for the most part is very good. So why the 3 stars? Politics. Leo for many years avoided politics or when...Read full review »
Jamie571 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/10/23
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